Karim Benzema controls the ball with his chest

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The winter transfer market closes this week and there are two open fronts that have all The league. The Atlético de Madrid and the Barcelona accelerate to close two signings with which to reinforce their strikers for the second half of the season. Meanwhile, the Real Madrid -except some exit in the form of assignment- he is calm in his status as leader and has no plans to make any incorporation until next summer.

Rodrigo Moreno, to Barça, and Cavani, at Atleti, are the two signings that mark the agenda in La Liga. And it seems that both will end up closing. Jorge Mendes already negotiates with Murthy Rodrigo’s departure to the BarcelonaSemedo could go into operation- and the PSG start giving in with Cavani – only five million separates them to close the agreement. Madrid looks closely at the reinforcements of its two great rivals.

In Conch Thorn they are sure of their workforce and no injuries like Hazard’s have made them consider signing. Madrid has a large closet bottom and Zidane, better than anyone, he knows how to take advantage of all the pieces he has. If it is true that the white forward does not go through its best moment, but that does not worry the French coach who believes that the goals will end up coming.

Karim Benzema controls the ball with his chest


Benzema: six unmarked matches

There is a crisis of the goal in the main strikers of La Liga. Barça and Atleti look for it in the market, while Madrid does it on its own squad. In recent games he has missed the goals of his top scorer, Karim Benzema. The French striker continues to offer a very colorful football and makes his teammates better, but has dried up for goal. At least, in the last six games he hasn’t scored a single goal. Even so, with 16 goals, nobody in the team gets more than him.

Jovic from plan B

The ‘reinforcement’ that Zidane expects for its point of attack is Luka Jovic. The Serbian has improved and has been more involved in the dynamics of the team in recent games he has played against Benzema’s recent injury. He gave two assists, but the goal resists him. In Madrid they are convinced that when he opens the bag again – he only has one goal – and has continuity, the goals will come alone.

Casemiro celebrates with Jovic one of his goals against Sevilla

Casemiro celebrates with Jovic one of his goals against Sevilla


Jovic must compete against Rodrigo, if he ends up signing for Barça, and to some extent against Cavani, although this would reach the Wanda Metropolitano to become the offensive mattress reference. But the Serbian must start to score goals based on that plan B of Zidane that will be increasingly important in the League with the disputes of the Copa del Rey and, above all, the Champions League.

Madrid saves another ace in the sleeve to compete with the goals of the signings of its rivals and are the returns of the infirmary. Hazard, Bale And till Asensio They are about to return from their injuries. At the derby of this weekend, at most, the Welshman is expected to return, but in the following matches the Belgian will be seen and maybe even Marco. Their goals also count and Zidane awaits them as May water.



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