Fede Valverde and Zinedine Zidane, at Real Madrid - Atlético de la final of the Spanish Super Cup

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Playing in small fields is usually a headache for teams classified as large. To the Real Madrid it happened in the sixteenth of the Copa del Rey with the visit to The clues. Unionists of Salamanca He did his job and despite the final 1-3, at times the thirteen times champions of Europe they feared with a new 'Alcorconazo'but the quality of Brahim and company ended up imposing.

With the eighth note in your pocket, Fede Valverde He was one of those who spoke after the game. At the foot of the field, midfielder Charrúa made self-criticism in the first place: “Their team has fought and maintained the 'chance'. At times we have not played well. ”

But it was later when the player gave an authentic lesson to all those who made the state of the lawn their greatest excuse when the result or the image was not expected. “The stadium? We don't care about the stadium. I come from playing in Uruguay and there are worse things. You have to play in each field as equals,” he said. 'The Little Bird' after the victory of Real Madrid against Unionists.

A warrior for Zidane

Fede Valverde landed in the white house very young and did it to land first in the Castile. Then he starred in an assignment in the Sports of La Coruña. He left a good taste in his mouth, but an injury truncated part of his career in the blue and white team. Then he returned to Real Madrid and with the help of Zinedine Zidane It has become an non-negotiable.

Fede Valverde and Zinedine Zidane, at Real Madrid – Atlético de la final of the Spanish Super Cup


Job. Sacrifice. And quality, a lot of quality. The Uruguayan international has conquered Zizou, the locker room, club and also the fans. Precisely it was the white followers, like those of many other teams, who have applauded their statements and cannot be compared with the Barcelona from Guardiola.

Turf theory

That Barça with that of Sampedor At the controls he won many titles and is remembered by the Catalans as one of the best teams in its history. But he is also remembered by the rest for that eternal possession, for the horizontal game and for the thousand and one excuses with the state of the pitch as the protagonist.

Very long, little wet … They were Pep Guardiola himself and also Xavi Hernandez those who made the good condition of the lawn a religion. “Too slow and dry,” he said in a game against him Bayern Munich. “They put on the tall grass and they also hurt themselves,” he said after an encounter against the Saragossa. Just as, among many others, he complained about the green of Vicente Calderón: “The grass has not helped our game.”

Pep Guardiola and Xavi, in Barcelona

Pep Guardiola and Xavi, in Barcelona


Although there was a master of excuses regarding green, that was Xavi. “The grass has not let us play our game” or “you will call me heavy, but the field has been a long time. They are different sensations – those of Valladolid. – The field affects us very much, the truth. It affects us a lot. It is also true that the Champions League makes you excited. It's another competition. Valladolid has to be closed. ” Excuses, no. Yes to Fede Valverde. An example of soccer player and professional.

(More information – Fede Valverde: “I come from playing in Uruguay and there are worse fields”)



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