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Having a whole staff happy during a season is not a simple task. Some players are fixed in their teams and this means that other teammates have to have less minutes. A situation that no professional likes. Nevertheless, Zidane He has always known how to deal with it brilliantly since he began his career on the benches.

The French technician stands out, especially, in the costumes management that he has always carried out in the Real Madrid. In its previous stage one of the main fundamentals of his project was the one called 'unit B': a select group of players, less habitual, who when they were wearing the white elastic gave 120 percent.

With that list of soccer players he achieved the last white double that is remembered in Concha Espina. A League and one Champions with which Zidane was established as a technician, but above all as a 'manager' of big-star costumes.

Lethargy of the 'unit B'

This season everyone expected the coach to make another 'unit B' for his new project in front of Real Madrid. A complicated start to the season, in which substitute theorists did not give up when they had opportunities, questioned the technician's ability to repeat the formula. However, although it has been waiting, little by little it has ended up laying the groundwork for it.

If it is true that during the first leg of the season there has been a clear protagonist of the 'unit B': Fede Valverde. The Uruguayan began the course as a substitute and revulsive and is already an undisputed holder with the French coach.

Something similar happened to Rodrygo, although he only flirted with ownership in some games. The Brazilian is the second greatest advantage of this list of soccer players that began as a 'B' plan in the white team.

During the second half of 2019, Zidane did not stop publicly demonstrating to the media that he had the 25 players he had on the Real Madrid squad. Everyone had their space and would have opportunities. Ones more. Others less. But all.

Step forward in 2020

The beginning of 2020 has only confirmed this yearning for the Frenchman to have all his players plugged in and ready to play when necessary. The Spain Supercup It is the best proof of that. And is that with Hazard, Benzema Y Bale Injured, without traveling to Saudi Arabia, Zidane needed alternatives. And what if he found them.

The less usual took a step forward in Jeddah. During the games against Valencia and Atlético de Madrid, the coach gave minutes to players like Jovic, Vinicius, James, Rodrygo or Mariano. Although others like Brahim, Militao or OdriozolThey did not have prominence, it is a huge step for the team to unblock the situation.

Real Madrid players celebrate penalties

Real Madrid players celebrate penalties


Jovic's case was the most striking. Zidane placed an unconditional trust in him as a holder. Benzema was not there and the offensive weight fell on him. He gave gallons and minutes. A way for the Serbian to continue growing in Chamartín assuming responsibilities; although at the moment it was not up to the circumstances.

Before Getafe, during the first league day played in 2020, Vinicius also had minutes; same as when he went on the field in extra time against Atlético de Madrid.

Something similar happened with James, who had minutes before him Valencia after not having played since last October 19 before the Majorca; and with Mariano, who debuted this season against the ches and played 37 minutes in the final against Simeone.

Mariano shoots at goal against Felipe

Mariano shoots at goal against Felipe


Zidane wants to have everyone plugged in. And this will be key with the frantic two months ahead in Concha Espina. The high load of matches that the team will have with the dispute of three competitions, with matches against rivals such as Barça or Manchester City, requires that all available troops be able to compete at a good level.

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