Fede Valverde and Zinedine Zidane, at Real Madrid - Atlético de la final of the Spanish Super Cup

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A few days before January ends, the Real Madrid He has managed to be a solo leader of La Liga and the team transmits the best sensations of the season. When a goal is missing in the lead, others appear. And when some are not available, Zidane He ends up waving his wand and taking out solutions.

With the arrival of the Copa del Rey, and the round of 16 against the Saragossa, the rotations and the need to give rest to some players open new opportunities for the less usual in Concha Espina.

In the press conference prior to the match against Valladolid Zidane already ruled out individual praise, he does not want distinctions: all are important. It has 25 of its staff and revealed that, sooner or later, there are always opportunities. Everyone must wait for their moment. “Speaking with all my players, everyone knows their situation. Then it is the player who must decide what to do. Now they are here and how they are here I will have them when I can,” said the Frenchman.

Fede Valverde and Zinedine Zidane, at Real Madrid – Atlético de la final of the Spanish Super Cup


A whole declaration of intent for the staff. And the technician shows that he does not marry anyone in Real Madrid. He already exemplified with Fede Valverde that a substitute theorist can become a very important holder. From nothing to everything in just a few months. Something that motivates the rest of the players.

Moment for ‘unit B’

It is a time when Vinicius, Jovic, James and company must take advantage to add, since Zidane has shown that he has an interest in a healthy competition in the team. What he values ​​is work, but it is clear with his players: there is a lot of level in the workforce and opportunities will come little by little.

Lucas Vázquez and Vinicius Júnior

Lucas Vázquez and Vinicius Júnior


And this season everyone is scratching at a good level in Real Madrid. Isco is another player who has reversed his situation a year later. The Malaga has gone from being disappeared in Chamartín to be one of the best in the team. Trust, work and gift of opportunity is the recipe to end up convincing Zidane.

Frantic months

Now comes a very complicated season stretch and the less usual will have the opportunity to shine in smaller games. The ‘unit B’ will begin to have prominence from this week, since the Copa del Rey does not grant truce and Real Madrid cannot let the leadership in the League escape.

The derby before him Atlético de Madrid this Saturday, the departure of Champions against him Manchester City on February 26, The classic from March 1 to the Barcelona… Matches that force Zidane to keep his players fresh, without excessively wearing down his heavy weights.

Brahim Díaz and Luka Jovic in a Real Madrid match

Brahim Díaz and Luka Jovic in a Real Madrid match


The French formula is to interming title theorists with substitutes. For now, this is working. And is that although the ‘unit B’ of this season does not offer a performance as outstanding as that of 2016/2017, that of the last Real Madrid double, it is starting to carburet.

As the months of February, March and April arrive, the regularity of minutes that the less usual will have will be good for them to compete. They know that with Zidane they can go from substitutes to headlines in just a few weeks, everything will depend on the face they offer on the pitch.

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