Real Madrid players celebrate Vinicius

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The ‘unit B’ is recovering its splendor of yesteryear and one of the top responsible is Junior Vinicius. The Brazilian striker is one of the illustrious members of this list of players, with residual prominence, which Zidane used to give rest to the theoretical theorists and to rotate with guarantees. An opportunity for the less common to try to win an important place with the Frenchman.

In his previous stage, the coach joined the dressing room to the point that it didn’t matter who played: everyone gave up and the Real Madrid the level on the pitch did not drop. Fatigue and fatigue did not have time to make a dent in this way, guaranteeing stability and regularity in the team.

This season it seemed that it was difficult to settle the ‘unit B’ in the merengue dynamic, especially after the debacle of Mallorca in October 2019, where Real Madrid fell defeated and Zidane put his position as coach on the table before the bad results . However, three months later everything has changed and the less usual have taken a step forward in Concha Espina.

The Cup is an opportunity

The match against Zaragoza was further proof of that. James Rodriguez, Areola, Brahim, Jovicm, Vinicius… Many players had opportunities for the Copa del Rey. It was necessary to rotate against the derby next Saturday against Atlético de Madrid and Zidane knew it.

Real Madrid players celebrate Vinicius’s goal against Real Zaragoza


The team did not disappoint and Real Madrid danced samba to the rhythm of the ’25’ white. Vinicius was incisive, with self-confidence in attack and being a headache for the back of the team. A remarkable game that had its icing on a goal by James Rodríguez.

The Brazilian needed a night this white, since his season is not being simple. It began with minutes and prominence, but in the equator of the first round began to disappear from the calls and fall into media forgetfulness. However, it seems to be reversing the situation.

Vinicius goes to more

If he manages to settle down and show mental strength on the pitch, especially in the face of goal, Vinicius is a very useful player for Zidane. And it is that he is probably the player with more overflow of Real Madrid: a pure end with power and dribbling, something that the team has lacked in recent years.

James Rodríguez celebrates his goal for Real Zaragoza with Vinicius

James Rodríguez celebrates his goal for Real Zaragoza with Vinicius


The player has a very special personality and needs to feel with gallons and confidence to stand out, something that Zidane is giving him little by little. “Gaining confidence for the next matches is very important for the season,” the Brazilian reaffirmed after the game against Zaragoza.

In Madrid they have no doubt about the quality and potential that Vinicius treasures in his boots. In the club they have always trusted him and he has sought to be patient with the player, since he could be green in some aspects that should be polished as he grows and matures in Concha Espina.

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