Florentino Pérez greets Zinedine Zidane before collecting the champion medal

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The Real Madrid face the end of the winter market very quietly. In the absence of clarifying the only players who have their future to decide, the entire squad is focused on sports. The situation of the team is so good that tranquility contrasts with the rumors that placed Zinedine Zidane outside the white entity in the month of October.

In fact, in recent weeks, despite the good results, the Frenchman was placed on the bench orbit of his team after the declarations from Noël Le Graët. This pump that placed the technician behind the Eurocup in front of Les bleus He fell into the white house without much significance as they knew Zidane’s intentions.

In case it was necessary, Frédéric Hermel has been commissioned in The Afternoon Golazo to clarify this news. “I am convinced that Zidane will be a coach of France sometime. But it is false that he will go after the European Championship, “explained the collaborator of L’Equipe. “In 2018 if they do not win the World Cup and they call him because he is not in Madrid, he would have thought about it. I would love to see Zidane as a coach, but this summer it will not happen,” the journalist said.

Florentino Pérez greets Zinedine Zidane before collecting the champion medal


The Bale-Zidane relationship

“Zidane wanted to sell to Gareth Bale“Hermel also stressed during the program. The summer statements were very clear and the possibility of leaving Madrid was real. But the Welshman is still a Madrid player and both have” a good relationship, they have no problem. “

“They do not understand football in the same way. But between the two there are no problems. If he is not injured, he will play many games this season,” said the journalist who, of course, was responsible for clarifying that “Zidane will want to sell to Bale, but right now it’s from the template. “

Who I loved this summer Zidane was a Paul Pogba. “Pogba was the cornerstone of his project when he returned to Madrid. He was convinced that Pogba would come, he had built everything around that signing,” Hermel explained. Still, the white coach has not been angry at any time for not having the midfielder.

“Zidane is very pragmatic and is satisfied with what he has. The commitment to Fede Valverde It went very well. The obsession with Pogba was real last summer and it is not so much anymore. Prioritize to think about this season rather than the next. Pogba is injured and it is not known what will happen to him in the coming months, “warned the journalist regarding a future investment by the French.

The League-Cup obsession

“Zidane is obsessed with The league and the Copa del Rey“Hermel stressed. The reality is that the calls of the Cup matches make it clear and Zidane has hardly given breaks in the League.” When he feels legitimized as a coach it is with La Liga 2017 that he wins. He thinks that the Champions League You can win it with a couple of good games, but especially if you do well in La Liga, “said the journalist.

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