Casemiro, in The Zero Wave Transistor

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Casemiro arrived at Real Madrid With 21 years. Six years later, the Brazilian soccer player is a fundamental pillar in the white team and one of the heavyweights in the locker room.

This reward has been achieved through work, effort and sacrifice. The midfielder has granted an interview on The transistor in which he has analyzed his career and the current situation of the group led by Zinedine Zidane.

Training outside of Madrid

“When we have the games on Sundays and Wednesdays it is difficult to continue training apart. The rest is also work. When the game is Sunday or Saturday, I love doing afternoon workouts in the gym. I have a coach. In Madrid almost everyone We have to have something else to be in Madrid. The exercises I do are not at all mysterious. The most important thing is the field and the training with Zidane. I like to do a little of each. And sometimes yes I like to do weights. “

Casemiro, in The Zero Wave Transistor

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Coronavirus Influence

“You have to be informed of what is happening in the world. An important issue that we have to talk about is the coronavirus. The other day we wear a t-shirt in support of a message in Chinese. It is a sensitive issue that is attracting attention.” .

Greater importance in Madrid

“It’s something that people always talk about a lot. What I want is to continue enjoying the games, keep playing … I try to do my best in the minutes we play. We are all important. We know that in football there is that , one plays more and another plays less. “

More gallons in the team

“Yes, I am one of the players who have the most games, of the three that have the most minutes of the squad. I have taken it easy because the coach has given me peace of mind. He has spoken to me, that he was calm and continued working. I have many more games. Now I am 27 years old and it is a bit different, work … The desire to continue to succeed I think they have not changed, vice versa, I have much more desire to play here. “

Locker room weight

“I am not the player who came to Madrid. Not only in my work but in all the jobs in the world is like that, it is the most normal. To be in this club you have to have everything and the values ​​of the club. The work is my strength and I was inspired by that because work is my thought. When you work you have successes. “

Change over the years

“When you are 21 years old, you are wrong in many things within the field, you fail many things … When you have 27 improvements with and without the ball, the mentality, you overcome the pressure … That is life. We are talking about a kid who is 21 and now I am 27. I have a life experience and an important career path. We know that when you have experience things change for the better. The experience is always welcome. “

Learn from other players

“You always ask other players and a player until he retires, he keeps learning every day. The soccer player every day learns something new. He keeps learning new things in life.”

Humility as a value

“I believe that I know the importance that I have in this club and for Zidane. Life is made of details. I am one of those who thinks about details. I never forget nor will I ever forget my career, where I came from. .. That I have been for a lifetime, I am very lucky and that does not change my life, I am happy, I love talking about my mother, because I think that my values ​​have come from there. a humble neighborhood and I love to talk about it. If I am the person I am, it is because of the values. I am very proud to talk about it. “

Morena, Casemiro’s first coach

“It was my first coach who when I started with 5 or 6 years forced me to play football in quotes. He told me that he wanted me to continue without paying for soccer school. He taught me many things, gave me clothes, boots to train .. . “

Choose the midfielder position

“I always like to play football. I always went as a goalkeeper, right forward … I wanted to play football. When I went to do the tests, I thought I was better as a striker. When people start asking there were a lot of strikers. At the age of 11, I thought I wasn’t going to be a striker because I like it in whatever position it is. Although nothing happened when I went to another position. “

Enjoy the same in different positions

“Without a doubt. I think that for me, the goal is when I play a ball and the fans celebrate. I love to score but for me to score a goal is to play. My goal is to steal balls, when I celebrate when I am happy … I love, is what I enjoy doing in the field. “

Casemiro protects the ball against Vitolo

Casemiro protects the ball against Vitolo


March of Lopetegui

“I have a great affection for Lopetegui. For me he is a great person and a great coach, I have enjoyed a lot and I have learned many things. His departure from Madrid is very simple. Football is made of results. That is football. Things they didn’t work out because the result didn’t come in. If the result didn’t come, the simplest way is to change coach. For me, he’s still a great coach and plays a great role in Sevilla. Soccer can change from night to day. If Zidane is now and things are not going well, the simplest thing is to change the coach. We know that the coach is not 100% at fault because the player also has. Football is the result. “

Assignments of the Madrid players

“I had the decision to leave and everyone has a decision. We trust the players that stay. If they are in the first team, we trust them.”

Reaction after defeats

“I get a little nervous. When I’m nervous I don’t like to talk. Leave me alone, let me think a little … That is the nervous Casemiro but it didn’t explode. This year I haven’t had any explosion. It’s very difficult for me. You have let many things happen. That is the most important thing. We have to look at the details. “

Wedding ring

“I take off my ring to play and train alone. I don’t go out at night. We bought it together because we thought it was prettier. In Brazil it is normal to choose different rings.”

Pick up your daughter from school

“I have time to pick her up every day at school. I get along well, there are many children. Every day I take pictures. I think that for Sara it is early and she doesn’t understand much. She doesn’t know that her dad plays football at Real Madrid. It’s very soon. I bought an Ipad so she can see drawings and I see football. “

Valverde Growth

“He is a great player and he will be much better than now. We have to talk about the present. He is overcoming everything he is doing and is doing a great season. The good thing is that he is in Madrid, but I think he is growing a lot He is a player who loves to learn and play, I think we have one of the best ‘8’ in the world for the next eight years. “

Copa del Rey Elimination

“All the games I don’t play suffer a lot. I think that Zidane’s mentality is good, I always make it clear that we are all prevailing. We try to do our best and be prepared to win titles, you have to think like that.”

Zidane’s evolution as a coach

“He has evolved a lot. His interviews are he is: a calm person, he knows how to speak very well with the player and knows how to ask the player. For us it is the best thing that can happen to have Zidane as a coach.”

Zidane prefers La Liga

“The League is what it transmits all year. Match by game. The Champions League are important games but every two months. Their thinking is intelligent, it is the right thing, The League is all the ends and it shows you what it is. well, when he plays the Champions anthem, Madrid is different. I prefer the Champions. “

Pray every day

“Every game and every day I pray. It is my moment and one of the things I ask is that no one be injured from the field and that things go well. I usually say the same thing and I turn to my God. I imagine it is everything powerful and we have the proposal to follow his commandments. My mother taught me that. “

Return of Neymar to Barça

“I talk with him almost every day. Neymar is a crack and a great player. Let him tell you if he wants to go to Barça. If Barça loves him he has to ask him. I want him to be with us.”

Neymar and Casemiro joke in Brazil

Neymar and Casemiro joke in Brazil


Comparison Neymar and Mbappé

“They are different players and they are two great players. One more explosive, the other more intelligent that can play in the middle and outside …”

Play the Copa América

“I want to play. I am a soldier. I will always be a soldier.”

Praise to Eden Hazard

“He is very good and he is one of the players that surprised me a lot. What he does in training is something incredible. He has something that nobody has in the squad right now. He thinks ahead and has a lot to give us.”

Return after 7-3 against Atleti in preseason

“I was going to Disney with my daughter but I explained that something had happened at work and I felt that I could not be far. ‘Dad called the club and Dad has to go back, maybe later there is the opportunity.’ He behaved well because he is still very small. I asked because I felt bad about losing 7-3 and I was on vacation. I felt bad and came back as soon as possible. He may not be the player who can change this, but it is not my profile that the team loses 7 and I will be enjoying. He left me and at the time he wanted to do that. Zidane thanked me. He also values ​​that because he knows that I am important to the team. “

Players leaving before the end of the match

“I am a defender of Bale, for me he is a great player. We often talk about the bad things he does and we give a lot of emphasis on what he does on the field. If he thinks this is good, we have to respect him, we have to think about what he does inside the field. I don’t care what he does outside the field. “

Zidane’s flower

“They are opinions. No one believed in Zidane and for us it is an honor to have him in the locker room. He is the best coach we can have.”

Possible elimination against the City

“In Madrid you are always obliged to win, but we respect the site very much and we know that it will be a very nice tie.”

Bale role change

“It was always his way of working and things are going well. We have to respect him.”

Casillas, candidate for the Federation

“I have had him as a partner, he is a great companion and a great player. We have to respect him, I wish him good luck and everything goes well. I am at the best moment of my career and enjoy football, I can not think of Federation”.

Best coach

“It would be very unfair if I talk about a coach, I’ve learned a lot of things with many coaches. I’ve learned a lot from Zidane, Lopetegui, Ancelotti, Toril, … Zidane has won everything, but I’ve learned a lot from everyone.”

Best player technically

“We are talking about Madrid and it is very difficult to talk about one … Marcelo, Hazard, they have an incredible quality … Vinicius, Rodrygo, Neymar, Coutinho, … I play in the best club in the world and the best selection” .

Why the ’14’?

“By Xabi Alonso and Guti. They made history here at the club. I know they were both in the middle and what they both did here, few people did. Xabi Alonso taught me a lot of things, I really enjoyed him, that’s why I took the 14 “.

Three best players

“Always those in Madrid.”

Cristiano Ronaldo March

“How can we not miss him? He is a great player, but he is already in Juventus and I wish him well. He made history in the club, scored many goals … We cannot be thinking of Cristiano. We have to talk about Hazard, Bale … “

Older brother of Vinicius

“Without a doubt, the club’s policy is being very good. It is signing young players with a lot of talent. Vinicius is a great player but we don’t have to give him so much responsibility. He is a great player, for me the past year was the best player in the team” .

Defeat more painful

“All defeats are painful as of the other day with Real. I suffer all defeat with this shirt.”

Odeggard impact

“Odegaard was always a player from Madrid. I wanted to have minutes and he’s having a great season. It’s not my turn to talk if he has to play next season, I have to congratulate him.”

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