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Fate can make a child born in one of the poorest corners of the world become an idol of millions of people. This is the story of Carlos Henrique Casimiro (27 years old, Brazil). A different footballer, who likes to speak in the field, of a shy nature and a defensive player profile that does not usually monopolize covers, but that has ended up becoming one of the pillars of a whole Real Madrid.

Behind that arrival to the elite of the world of football is a long and hard road. A paternal abandonment, economic hardships for his mother, his brothers and him, and a lifeguard that was for all the sport king in his country. His father abandoned them when he was only 3 years old. This hard blow triggered a series of terrible consequences for the family.

Own Casemiro He had to mature as a child who should have been more aware of playing than taking care of his brothers. He even had to look for life to sleep away from home in his childhood because his brothers and mother could not fit in his house. A sad story that has forged the character of a ‘Almost’, as they call him in the locker room, which shows goodness in his eyes and with his words.

The opportunity of change

Casemiro recalled in a Brazilian medium that when he was little and played in the Sao José dos Campos He had nowhere to sleep and had to ask his teammates to let him stay in one of his houses so he could arrive on time to play the games. From there he made the leap at 10 years to the lower categories of Sao Paulo, where he could take away some worries that were not typical of his age.

His mother, Magda, he had to go to work and then it was ‘Almost’ that he came back from school to heat the food and give it to his brothers Luke Y White. “I was the oldest and had to take care of my brothers until she came back at night,” Casemiro recalled. When she arrived, he looked for where to sleep, if at his grandmother’s house, at his aunt’s … A survivor to whom football changed his life.

“In the training center I had a fixed place to sleep. I had my room, air conditioning, television, stereo and food every hour of the day. It was a privilege for me, used to having to change my house every night “We didn’t all fit in ours and so we went sometimes to the house of the aunt and sometimes to the house of the grandmother. There we all had to enter the same room and in the same bathroom,” revealed the footballer.

Change house every night, become a father without having turned 10, an abandonment … and a star future for a player who has gone from being discussed by his profile to being the most loved by a hobby as demanding as that of Santiago Bernabeu. But step by step. Before arriving at the first Real Madrid team he had to prove that he deserved a place in the white team.

Road to Real Madrid

With 18 years, Ricardo Gomes He decides to give that shy young midfielder a chance that looked like someone else when he entered the field. From sweet Casemiro off the field, to a defensive wall when he was inside it. But it wasn’t until 2013 when it was time to cross the Atlantic to try his luck in European football.

In the winter market of that year it was ceded to Castile until the end of the 2012/2013 season. An opportunity with which he earned the respect of the club, which did not hesitate to gain his services at the end of that course after he even debuted with the first team against the Betis and be inscribed on the list for the final phase of the Champions League.

Casemiro, in a Castilla match

Casemiro, in a Castilla match


“I always say that for me it has been a pleasure and a great honor because when I played at the Real Madrid quarry I enjoyed it a lot, I knew the values ​​of this club, traveling by bus to Sabadell, knowing the other side of football,” he said recently the midfielder of its passage through the subsidiary of the white group. And is that after that half year in Castilla, Casemiro was part of the first team.

At the orders of Carlo Ancelotti won The Tenth, but he still had to grow a little more to be able to aspire to a place in the eleventh gala of the team and that led him to leave on loan to Port. This loan was agreed for two seasons, but his good work in the ranks of the Portuguese team took him the following year on his way back to Santiago Bernabéu and, this time, not to move.

Non-negotiable for Zidane

Since Zinedine Zidane landed on the Madrid bench and even before with Rafa Benitez, the Brazilian international has been a fixture in Real Madrid – something that led him to be also with the Canarinha-. Different schemes and even different coaches and something invariable: Casemiro as a pillar of a midfield next to Modric Y Kroos.

Zinedine Zidane and Casemiro

Zinedine Zidane and Casemiro


In the white set he has won since his arrival a League, a Copa del Rey, two Spanish Super Cups, four Champions League, two European Super Cups and three Club World Cups. An impeccable record for which they already consider the best defensive pivot in the world. This season his status has grown even more if possible and that is when he is not on the pitch, the team notices and much.

Your data in Liga corroborate it. So far this course in the domestic championship, Casemiro is the player who has recovered the most balls in total (187) and in the opposite field (68), the one who has made the most interceptions (44) and also in the rival field (17) . Numbers in the defensive balance that accompanies with his four goals and four assists among all competitions in 2019/2020.

A self-made footballer who had to go through many difficulties until he touched the sky with his hands. In Real Madrid he has become an idol, an idol that always has a friendly look and smile for fans. Pure Real Madrid DNA despite being born thousands of kilometers from the nucleus of the white house.

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