Gatti, critic of the City of Guardiola:

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With the defeat of Real Madrid before him Manchester City from Guardiola, by 1-2, in the first leg of the second round of the Champions League, whites lengthen the bad streak that precedes them in recent games.

Despite that, many white fans are faced with options to flip the result and trace their visit to the Etihad Stadium in the second leg next March 17, at 9:00 p.m.

One of these Madridistas is ‘The Fool’ Gatti, who took advantage of his visit to The beach bar to talk about last Wednesday’s game: “Football is like that, one day you play badly and the other you get inspired.” Despite his optimism, the Argentine acknowledged that “people are not confident.”

He was also opposed to the people who endorsed the City of Guardiola: “The Guardiola team scared him. That mediocre team down. He won Madrid because Madrid did not know how to win. They say he gave (Al Real Madrid) a chair football but it was a ‘little team’, with fear. ”

The Classic in sight

After the white debacle in the Champions League, Real Madrid reaches The classic touched and it is clear that the Barcelona from Leo Messi and company are not the best rival to reverse this situation. It should be added that, those of Zidane, will have an added pressure because, if they lose the game next Sunday, Barça would extend the distance that separates them, becoming even more La Liga leader.

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