Guardiola still thinks about Isco: he wants to continue in the City and sign the Real Madrid player

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To the Manchester City he is surrounded by an aura full of doubts after the sanction of the UEFA which excludes him from European competitions for the next two seasons. Because of this, the continuity of some of its stars and even that of Pep Guardiola, but the Catalan coach is willing to continue on the bench citizen Whatever happens with the penalty.

Pep wants to fulfill his contract, which ends in June 2021, and already thinks about the future of his team. The Catalan coach returns to the load for an old goal, which is about Isco Alarcón, player of Real Madrid.

Or, at least, those were Guardiola’s intentions before knowing a sanction that conditions any movement. The City could be without money to sign a hypothetical fine millionaire of the UEFA or receive the player’s ‘no’ for not competing in Europe.

Key summer for Isco

Next time will be a key summer for Isco. The contract ends in June 2022 and, therefore, this would be almost the last chance for Madrid to enter a good sum of money for its player before its price falls with the passing of the months. If he does not renew, he will leave the white team and Guardiola wants him to be the successor of David Silva, which ends contract with the City.

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