Andriy Lunin at the Ciudad Real Madrid

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Andriy Lunin changed the Valladolid for him Oviedo During the winter market. After arriving at Spain, the goalkeeper was assigned to Leganés, but he barely enjoyed opportunities in the whole cucumber, although he doesn’t know why: “Why didn’t I play in Leganés? That must be asked to the coach, I do not know, I worked to play. “

The 21-year-old Ukrainian said this during an interview in Zero Wave, in which he has not hidden that it was very complicated for him not to play in his first two experiences as a loan: “It was hard for me not to play, neither in Leganés nor in Valladolid, I want to continue growing. “

Now he is one more in the staff of Oviedo, although his situation could have been very different if Keylor Navas I would have said at the beginning of the transfer market last summer that I wanted to leave the Real Madrid to know perfectly already in those moments that Thibaut Courtois He was the headline for the 2019/2020 season.

Return to Real Madrid

Whoever was chosen as Gold Glove of the Sub 20 world which was held last summer ends his loan at Oviedo in June and then he must return to Madrid. But Lunin doesn’t know what will happen next year: “I don’t know anything about Madrid for next season; we are in contact with the club but I don’t know anything. “

Andriy Lunin at the Ciudad Real Madrid

In The transistorLunin has commented on something that, as he remembers, he already said during his presentation: “Since I was little, at age 12, I was already from Real Madrid.” It was in his beginnings when he tried another demarcation: “I started as a striker but I didn’t like running much.”

If he is part of the Real Madrid squad next season, Lunin will share a wardrobe with Courtois, whom he already knows about his time in the merengue team. “I know Courtois when I was in Madrid, “said the young Ukrainian goalkeeper who aims to be the future of the white team.

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