Casemiro and Messi in a Classic

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Once Real Madrid Y Barcelona have played their respective first leg meetings of the Champions League it’s time to think about The classic. The match between the eternal rivals is played next Sunday at the Santiago Bernabeu and there are several former players of one or another team that are already beginning to give their opinion on the expected clash, which can be decisive for The league.

Fernando Morientes has analyzed in Esports COPE The classic. “We are all negative. We are not to shoot rockets in the capital and I was also very bored watching Barça’s game. It has to do with the moments that both teams live,” said the former Real Madrid striker.

“Once the ball begins to roll, you abstract yourself from the classification and the moments of the teams,” continued a Morientes who later put the focus on those of Zidane: “The last Classics at Santiago Bernabéu have not been good for Madrid and that is what can influence. The emotional is important in these games.”

Casemiro and Messi in a Classic


Before him Naples Barcelona was suffering, but Fernando Morientes has explained why Real Madrid cannot do the same as the Italian team: “The DNA of Madrid is to attack. Madrid at the Bernabéu cannot do the same as Naples because people would not like it. I imagine a more open party than that in Italy. “

From Braithwaite to Christian

Morientes has also expressed his opinion about the last signing culé: “Braithwaite is an interesting player for Barça. I am in love with the center strikers and I think that the rival coach has more difficulty defending when there is a reference. As a Real Madrid player I prefer not to play “.

Finally, he has not forgotten to talk about the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo: “Perhaps in the big dates he suffers from having a auctioneer, like Messi in Barça. Madrid has that deficit and is accusing him in the Champions League. He does not have that differential player. It seemed that Benzema and Bale were going to distribute it but it’s not like that. The game against City is one of the real duels. “

And from there, to conclude, he has expressed his opinion on ‘The Cardiff Express’: “I don’t believe in Bale anymore. You miss a player who can put the rivals in trouble. He has the conditions but I want in one game and in others I don’t want to.”

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