Pablo Laso against Valencia Basket

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Pablo Lasocoach of Real MadridHe did not hide that he was “very pissed off” after Sunday’s defeat against Joventut and also assured that “the players are the first to be screwed.” “Yesterday I was pissed off, yes, I was, but I try to get over it,” Laso said.

May he return Baskonia to Madrid, now in Euroleague, after the defeat in Liga Endesa two weeks ago, it can serve as a spur. “Each match is an obligation, a responsibility, a different match, but it is true that they won you two weeks ago, it warns you. It puts you on alert about a team that competes very well,” he said.

“The players are the first who are screwed to lose. They have trained well and I hope we play a good game.”

Match against Baskonia

The coach talked about Baskonia and the changes he has had in recent weeks. “The feeling is that the chip has changed, it has a new coach, it has new players, especially with the change of base. They are playing with a good pace. They have a very decisive player like Shengelia who may not make many points but be very dominant in the game. Fall has hurt us in games, “he said.

Pablo Laso against Valencia Basket


“And then there are the shooters, Janning and Stauskas are in a very good moment and also Shiedls and, of course, the arrival of Zoran Dragic. They are a fairly complete team that have been covering the injured problems they have had and we also come from a game recent against them that have won us, which I think we are going to have to make a very round game if we want to win, “concluded Pablo Laso.

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