Coquelin and Casemiro, in Valencia - Real Madrid of the Spanish Super Cup

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Throughout the history of European football it was said to bring together several Brazilians in the team it was a bomb for the locker room. The fame of partiers, little workers and more worried about the extra-sports than what happens within the field of play was a risk every time a club decided to hire a pearl from the South American country.

The biggest Brazilian soccer reference that exists today, Neymar, comes to confirm that theory. Birthdays, rebellions, trips, parties … There is no month in which the player of the PSG don’t be news for something you have done outside of Princes Park. In addition, his continuous injuries in the most momentous moments have prevented him from being a candidate for Golden Ball since he is in Paris.

But in the Real Madrid There are five Brazilians who are an example both on and off the field. Zinedine Zidane It has been entrusted to a working group, humble and with a lot of quality. The French, with their confidence and advice have created a precedent that ends that myth. They will be a key piece for this season to end positively with titles.

Coquelin and Casemiro, in Valencia – Real Madrid of the Spanish Super Cup


The fantastic five

Casemiro, Junior Vinicius, Rodrygo Goes, Marcelo Y Eder Militao They have shown that you can give more than talk in the field outside of it. In a combination of youth and seniority, the five have a special role in the team and have the confidence of the rest of their teammates. All guide the youngest, while the ‘old dogs’ are the example of a successful formula in football.

Both Marcelo and Case have already had a trajectory that will place them in the history of football for their titles and for their football. The side is already in the showcases of the club as one of the left lanes more prolific of Real Madrid. Through his boots has passed part of the most successful era of the white entity in this century. The same goes for the midfielder, who since humility has earned the qualification of one of the best pivots of the world.

Vini, Rodrygo and Militao still have a lot to walk, but their first steps are being so positive that it is impossible not to think of them as future stars. What is clear is that their way of being has entered the dressing room like a glove and they have created a good environment. The central arrived this summer with the role of third central, while the two extremes are two of the promises most interesting in the world. These five await the arrival of one more for the group.

Rodrygo Goes, Eder Militao and Vinicius Junior

Rodrygo Goes, Eder Militao and Vinicius Junior


Reinier signs up

Reinier jesus It will arrive this February to increase the clan to six. The former player of Flamengo He signed this winter market for Real Madrid in exchange for around 35 million euros in another example of that formula of facing the transfer market that the white group has been practicing for some time.

The young half-point has the best possible environment to grow as a great player. This group of five players will help you adapt perfectly, without bad examples and with a level of sporting rather than interesting. The 18-year-old arrives with a good presentation letter. Power, driving, goal and a lot of class with the ball, that’s what Madrid has signed.

If you take the example of humility and the work of your five companions, your career in Madrid will be as positive as your projection says. This group of Brazilians who guard Zidane wants to go down in history with titles and the first step has been to settle and end the bad myths that usually surround these bets.

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