Carvajal Penalty on Sterling

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In this liquid and decorated culture that we live, it seems scary to pronounce the word crisis, although the Real Madrid is immersed in an irrefutable that has questioned the results of this season. Of course, everything is not lost and there is still some fabric to cut, although a statistical fact indicates that this team collapses at the end of the game.

Madrid has made water in this phase and has thrown overboard what was achieved during the rest with worrying assiduity. It happened before him Celtic, it happened against him I raised, happened again yesterday and was about to happen against him Athletic. The collective structure is broken because the lines are separated like the continents, irremediably, without also clinging to a bolt at all costs to safeguard the situation. This team has not done it for a long time, perhaps since the time of the fierce Madrid of the Garcia, although seen the seen perhaps should consider it.

The causes for which it is melted at the end of the meeting can be very varied and tend to be cumulative. From a poor physical condition to a mismanagement of these resources – as it happens to the runner who breaks down at the finish line; going through a poor concentration or tactical errors of players and technicians that appear with tension and nerves.

Carvajal Penalty on Sterling


If it were physical it has a bad remedy in the short term, although it could be hidden with tactical intelligence and with spare parts of the bench that refresh the forces and that, sometimes, take time to arrive. Also, with the mental disposition of the players, to whom, from time to time, the saint goes to heaven as soon as a fly flies over the Bernabeu. It is disconcerting for those who place the magnifying glass in the match to verify the low importance given to certain efforts – such as retaining a ball or relieving a teammate – and the wrong decisions at the decisive moments of the match.

Of course, all these solutions can be worked on the pitch and in the locker room, as they are done in many other sports that scan the lacks of any kind. Bad decisions in the last minutes have the weight of a season in football and Real Madrid is taking them wrong for a while now. There is room to solve the problems or, at least, alleviate the consequences, although as always when March arrives the urgency tightens and even drowns. In time we are.



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