Eden Hazard retires injured against Levante

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This Saturday the theory of the curse of number seven in the Real Madrid. That heel at the time of taking a ball played cost Hazard who, in an ugly gesture, saw his ankle cracking again. On this occasion he did it at the height of the fibula and, after the tests that have been done on the morning of this Sunday, it has been confirmed that he will lose at least the next two months of competition.

The Belgian is not having much luck in his first year in Spain and the same number of matches as during his entire stage in the Chelsea The same one who came with the baton of being the next leader of the white team is going to complete a somewhat scarce season for all these physical problems that he has been dragging.

Hazard’s injury, in addition to putting the white attack in check for the two most important games of the season, explains a problem with the players who are carrying the number after Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese left an important goal hole that the team has failed to correct so far, but also left a curse.

Eden Hazard retires injured against Levante


Mariano, the first ‘victim’

The first was Mariano The striker came as another resource to replace the lack of goal that left the exit of CR7, but the lack of opportunities and confidence of his coaches has been putting him in a complicated situation. During the different transfer markets it has sounded to leave the team but the forward remains confident in convincing Zidane to have an important role at some point.

He started off on the right foot leaving good performances and watching goal in that fantastic game in Rome from Champions League Last season Then, the exit of Julen Lopetegui and an injury that took him off the pitch for three months separated him from the plans of Solari and Zidane. Only at the end of the season he returned to have prominence scoring two goals against him Villarreal

But the sad reality was that he began to lose importance and confidence of the coaches until he fell to the ostracism of this season with Zinedine Zidane. He has only had him in both games of the Spain Supercup and, after raising this trophy, the Hispanic-Dominican disappeared again from the calls. In total, in these two years he has played 21 white matches, 19 with the ‘7’ behind.

Mariano Díaz, after Rayo Vallecano's goal

Mariano Díaz, after Rayo Vallecano’s goal


Hazard’s bad luck

This season he took the ‘7’ Hazard with the intention of re-emphasizing this number. The most exciting signing of the season that Zidane expected to return the team to the position he had lost last year has already lost 21 games so far this season and has been unable to help whites in the feat of winning again La Liga and recover the throne of Europe.

The 100 million that the white team put on the table were weighed down since the beginning of the season after suffering some small muscle problems and the first three games were lost. Then, at the moment when he was beginning to be important, he suffered that serious ankle injury caused by Thomas Meunier that had him until a day ago in the dry dock.

Now you will have to see if you go through the operating room again or if you do a conservative treatment to reach the end of the season. But the witchcraft that is preventing a white player from shining again with the ‘7’ behind his back has a whole study for the most superstitious. Only this shirt has been seen on the field in 34 games out of 96 possible in these last two seasons.

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