Vinicius celebrates against Zaragoza in Copa del Rey

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The derby of the second round ended with the three points in the Santiago Bernabéu and much of the fault was of Junior Vinicius and the change with which Zidane revolutionized the game

The Brazilian jumped into the field at the start of the second half and provoked the play of the goal. Caracoleo in the three-quarter zone, pass between lines to Mendy, ball to the heart of the area for Benzema and … voilà: Madrid put the 1-0 on the scoreboard. A perfect triangulation with which Vinicius initialed his fantastic week of white.

And the ’25’ is going through its best moment of 2019/2020 in recent days: goal in Copa del Rey before him Saragossa and key performance in the team’s victory in the first derby of the year. A scenario that has had to wait patiently this season, since the player has had to overcome ups and downs and complicated moments.

Vinicius regains his site

Vinicius a metamorphosis by Zidane at Real Madrid. He started the season starting in the team’s league debut against the Celta Vigo. 69 minutes that were only a mirage, since its role in the team would be relegated to a second, even third level very residual. Opportunities for droppers for the forward.

Vinicius celebrates against Zaragoza in Copa del Rey


He even got out of several calls consecutively and finished the year with more lights than shadows. However, the player turned away from the media focus and knew how to work in silence to reverse a situation that, at the beginning of February, is totally contrary to what he was living then.

It has gone from being important during the first days, to stay out of the calls and to return to settle as revulsive. It is true that Vinicius is not a starter in Real Madrid, but he has gained weight in recent weeks with his performances when he has had a chance.

Vinicius and Benzema in the derby

Vinicius and Benzema in the derby


Since he started 2020 he has had minutes in every game, except before Valencia Y Valladolid: 19 before him Getafe, 17 at the end of the Super Cup, 28 against him Seville, 90 ante Unionists, 73 against him Saragossa and 45 in the derby. In addition, in the last game of last year, before the Athletic at Santiago Bernabéu, he already had 73 minutes on an important day.

White growth and maturity

Vinicius has been growing in adversity in recent months and has not deviated from the marked path. Zidane, as he has done with Rodrygo, has wanted to remove him from the spotlights and subtract pressure so he can progress freely. A formula that begins to give revenue to the French coach.

Vinicius in the derby

The ’25’ is giving Real Madrid the reason and its future bet: ‘Vini’ is a striker with a lot of room for improvement, who only needs confidence and improves his completion in front of goal.

Zidane has simmered in recent months and seems to be an important piece for the end of the season. The goal of the forward continues to be to continue growing in the shade, at his own pace, and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Frenchman until June.

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