Five news you should know about Real Madrid before bed (05/09/2019)

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Junior Vinicius He has gained confidence in recent weeks and it shows. From tears after dialing against Osasuna in the first bars of the season to smile and be that electric footballer who fell in love a year ago Santiago Bernabeu. The change is noticed by colleagues, hobby and also a Zinedine Zidane which once again demonstrates its confidence in the former Flamengo.

In fact, Zizou himself spoke about him to the media: “I am happy with him and with all my players. Vinicius is a young player, with quality and who has to work“.”Have my trust. When a player does not play, it is not because he does not have my confidence, I give the confidence to my 25 players, “continued the French coach.

“What will never change is that they play eleven each game and only 18 are called. Two things bother me: an injured player and another not called, but trust is total towards everyone,” he ended up saying about the game. ‘Vinicius theme’ at a press conference Zinedine Zidane.

Zidane and Vinicius dialogue in the band


Trust. That seems to be the key to Vinicius Junior’s performance improvement. The Brazilian goes to more and above all is checked when he plays, although his teammates have always backed him by saying that they see him training and know what he is capable of. The end continues to progress and has in the Copa del Rey Your best showcase.

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The lack of aim has been something that Vinicius has criticized since he landed in the white house. However, there is an incontestable fact: the 19-year-old footballer maintains a special idyll with the Copa del Rey. In the last two seasons, which he has been playing in the merengue team, he is the Real Madrid player who has participated in more goals in the KO tournament. Three signed goals and six assists.

Some nine goals have gone through the boots of Vinicius Junior in the Copa del Rey between 2018/2019 and 2019/2020. Before the Real society He has a new opportunity to increase his records, a match for which he points to the starting lineup. If he continued in the competition, he would have at least two other matches to continue improving his statistics in what, for now, seems to be his favorite tournament.

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