Zidane instructs his players from the Santiago Bernabéu band

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February began a few days ago and with it comes the beginning of the decisive phase of the course, in which the titles that mark the successes or failures of the most ambitious projects of the Old Continent are decided. A list in which is the Real Madrid, which after a blank season seeks to recover the splendor in Europe.

Zidane He arrived in Chamartín almost a year ago, in March 2019, with the ‘obligation’ to bring out Real Madrid again. He did it with a disgusted team, that made water in almost all its lines and that seemed to have a difficult remedy. However, the French coach has reversed the situation and has done a face-lift to the team, without the need for great staff revolutions, to make him aspiring to everything.

Whites are alive in all competitions. And not only that, but they are one of the favorite teams to win it all this season. The lottery of the Champions, where each tie is an unknown world, it will settle, but in League Y Copa del Rey Zidane has set the cruising speed that allows the team to keep its performance intact.

Zidane instructs his players from the Santiago Bernabéu band


Little by little the team has gained regularity since La Liga started in August. The doubts of the first leg of the season came to put Zidane on the wire, but the coach continued to work on the path he had set and reverse the trend. Today, a Madrid that seems, a priori, unbeatable, champions wherever he walks.

As if that were not enough, this performance improvement has translated into numbers. And it is that the team does not stop breaking records for a coach who faces his second stage in command of the club of his life.

Historical defense

Real Madrid is the least thrashed team in La Liga with 13 goals in 22 games played. Zidane has cemented his new project since the defense, with pillars such as Casemiro Y Fede Valverde in the core to give consistency during the matches.

But not only that, but Madrid has signed its best numbers in defense of its history. Whites have surpassed the best mark in their history, set at 14 goals conceded in the first 22 days of the League. A brand that must be traced back to the 1987/88 season, or 1961/62 and 1964/65, to find it.

Casemiro, Vinicius and Varane celebrate Madrid's second goal against Sevilla

Casemiro, Vinicius and Varane celebrate Madrid’s second goal against Sevilla


In this line, Courtois It has become an almost impassable wall under sticks and his hands seem to reach all angles of the goal. The Belgian has managed to leave the goal zero on 11 occasions in the League and convey confidence and full security to his teammates in defense.

The team also follows this trend and this season is not allowed to mark their rivals in 16 games; a brand that can be key in the future of the team for the decisive phase of all competitions.

An undefeated Madrid

This has been one of the keys for Real Madrid to have achieved an unbeaten streak that is on its way to breaking records: 21 games without losing this course. Specifically, whites do not knee knee since October 19, 2019, when they fell in Are moix before him Majorca (1-0).

He still has a way to go, but Zidane is an expert in this type of streak. And it is that in its previous stage (2017) it managed to keep the unbeaten for 40 games, matching the brand of Nottingham Forest in 1978. He stayed just three of the Turin Juventus, who holds the highest record in Europe of games without losing.

Zidane gives orders to his players from the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum band

Zidane gives orders to his players from the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum band


Currently, the numbers are clear: Real Madrid averages the team averages 0.375 goals against each game in all competitions (somewhat every three games). An example of solvency back.

A legend Zidane

The good work of Zidane on the bench, together with his longevity in the position of coach during the two stages he has lived in Real Madrid, has led him to establish himself as one of the most successful coaches in the history of the white club; not only for the three consecutive Champions that he reaped, but also in terms of victories. In fact, he has won 67.1% of the games he has directed (192) and averages 2.4 goals per duel.

The Frenchman is the third coach with the most victories in the history of Real Madrid (129). Surpassed Mourinho (128) recently and is only four of those signed Vicente del Bosque; a brand that, a priori, will overcome this season except for ecatombe in Concha Espina.

Miguel Muñoz

More difficult will have to match the 357 of Miguel Muñoz, who was 14 years in the club (1960-1974). However, the statistics are in favor of Zidane. And it is that the Frenchman has only been three and a half years in the club and is already on the way to approach the historical myth of Madrid; an emblem as a player and coach, being the first to lift the European Cup with the club in both stages, and holding the third player brand with the most matches in the history of La Liga – after Luis Aragones Y Javier Irureta-.

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