Ceballos in his debut with Arsenal

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“We haven’t had any conversations,” he said. Arteta before the media when he was questioned about the possibility of signing Dani Ceballos when its assignment ends next June. A few words that came at the beginning of March, after the utrerano took a step forward in the Arsenal.

The Ceballos season in the London set has been a real roller coaster. It started very strong and then fell into oblivion, to now re-emerge. The break of the Premier League because of the advance of coronavirus It came to the Spanish international in one of his best personal moments with Arsenal.

After Dani Ceballos’s noticeable improvement in the game, speculation began that Real Madrid and Arsenal have started talks for the transfer to the final title. Hence Arteta’s statements about the footballer he has on loan during the current campaign.

Ceballos in his debut with Arsenal


Mirror goes a step further and not only confirms that Arsenal wants to buy the midfielder, but is willing to pay the 40 million that Real Madrid would ask to accept the sale of Dani Ceballos during the transfer window of the summer period.

Ceballos word

The British tabloid points out that in the final decision the word of the footballer himself will have a lot of weight, who for the moment seems determined to stay focused on the current season and wait for what happens with the Premier and the Champions League, since it is not yet known how both competitions will end the course after the break by the COVID-19.

Ceballos landed in the discipline of gunners last summer, after starring in an expected transfer due to the fact that last season he barely had minutes with the arrival of Zidane. After recovering from his last injury, he gained confidence and won minutes with Arteta. But now its future is unknown, just like that of competitions across the Old Continent.

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