Marco Asensio, trained with Real Madrid

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March 31st. It is the date that Marco Asensio had it marked in red on the calendar. When eight months have passed since his fatal left knee injury, the player would be ready to return to action little by little. During the week and a half that was going to suppose the break of selections planned for these dates, he was going to be able to train at the same pace as his teammates and would be available for Zinedine Zidane if so desired.

He coronavirus It has caused his return to be prolonged in time and the only thing that goes through the head of the Majorcan player is that all this is overcome quickly to be able to step on a football field again. Since July 27 of last year Asensio has not had the opportunity to be on the pitch of any stadium and, above all, the Santiago Bernabeu. The stadium longs for him and the winger wants to feel the warmth of the fans again.

The 24-year-old midfielder, confined to his home, continues to work to reinforce that meniscus that broke in the FedEx Field from Washington and to be able to help the team in the objectives that have remained on standby due to the crisis of Covid-19. The player has been in recent months doing career work and with the ball in the Valdebebas Sports City and everything was ready for his return.

The signing of the season

He was the player Zinedine Zidane expected for the final stretch of the season to be the spearhead that would allow him to fight for La Liga until the end of the year. The loss of Eden Hazard it had caused a greater need to wait for his return. The Belgian was going to practically miss what was left of the campaign and the Majorcan was going to be important on his return to the playing fields.

Marco Asensio, trained with Real Madrid

Asensio had been especially motivated this past summer before the return of the Frenchman. He resigned from going with the national team to U23 European to focus on the white club and everything was cut short with that injury. I had high hopes for 2019/2020. He hoped it would be the season of his confirmation and being able to scare away the ghosts that swept through him the previous season after not living up to it.

At all times the French coach has spoiled him to keep his motivation intact and to convey to him that he was waiting for him by the end of the year with as many goals as possible still in the fray. The team is still fighting for a League that seemed to have their hand and a Champions League in which he will have to go back in that presumable lap in Manchester.

Prepared for the return

These words penetrated into an Asensio that wanted to be important in the last stretch of the season. The Mallorcan accelerated his recovery always keeping the deadlines so that, from the moment he could return to compete, he was in the best possible shape. The player has made clear his desire for football to return in the last events he has had publicly.

Marco Asensio, doing work with the ball

Marco Asensio, doing work with the ball

The Real Madrid player represented his team in LaLiga Challenge, the tournament of eSports organized by Ibai Llanos, and got the final triumph. Asensio has shown himself as an ace FIFA 20 and he also represented Spain on Monday in a friendly against Germany as compensation for what was scheduled during the international break that should be played in the Metropolitan.

Now all that remains is to wait for news about how the pandemic is evolving and when the competition could return once everyone has agreed that this season has to end.

The club continues to rely on the progression of the white player. They believe that he can lead the white attack from one of the gangs and will be part of the transfer formula that he will carry out for the next season after the coronavirus has caused an economic crisis also in the clubs.

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