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Instagram It has become the best platform for soccer players to show their day to day during confinement. Karim Benzema He has shared challenges and even a complete training with his followers and now he has had a meeting with Ronaldo.

Pupil and teacher called on the famous social network and some statements did not take long to give much to talk about. “I was just saying to my fans that I loved soccer when I saw you on television. For me you are the best of all. They also asked me about Zizou, but I told them that you”, commented Benzema

The Brazilian, for his part, pointed out that “quarantine is killing us all.” The current white ‘9’ continued to compliment the one who is his idol: “For all of you you are at a level that you will never reach, I really tell you. We have the same position, sometimes I try to do things but it is very difficult brother “

Ronaldo Nazario picked up the glove and commented with a laugh that Benzema still has “many things to do”. “I just don’t like it when you mark Valladolid,” said the owner of the Pucelano team.


Karim Benzema left the phrase of the day with a fun comparison with his compatriot, the also forward Olivier Giroud: “Comparisons with Giroud? Do not confuse a Formula 1 with Karting, I am Formula 1”.

[Más información: Así ha sido el entrenamiento de Benzema que ha compartido con sus seguidores de Instagram]



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