Hazard takes stock at Real Madrid:

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“I’m fine! Without leaving home, taking care of myself. I’m doing better, my stitches were removed a week ago. I work a little harder here. I can walk so everything is fine!”

“I was hoping to get there, so I was disappointed that it was postponed. I had planned to play it, I had surgery a few weeks ago. We will all have one more year in 2021, which is a shame, but my ankle will allow me to get back in shape. I think for the fans are difficult because they want to see an international tournament every summer, for them it is a shame. But I also believe that there are priorities in life that forced us to cancel. We are like everyone else, I will wait until next year “.

“I was going to arrive, to do whatever it took to be fit from the first games. I should have worked hard for it, but since I got injured I had already done a lot … I would have come in good shape no matter what happened. had a lack of rhythm, of course, but the quality is not lost (laughs and wink). “

“I’m waiting. Yesterday Zidane called me and he doesn’t know either. What we can do is stay in shape, all the players have resources for it. We don’t know if the League will resume, hopefully there will be a good end to the season and it can be played If not, we will all be disappointed, but things are as they are. “

“I’m not saying I can’t catch it, but I’m inside the house, nobody’s coming, we can’t see anyone … I’m a little scared, like everyone else, but I especially have to pass it on to others, that’s the most delicate. We have people to take care of ourselves. I worry about weaker people, who have more problems, yes. “

“My first season in Madrid is bad, but not everything is bad. It is an adaptation season. I will be judged in the second. It is up to me to be in good shape next year. The group is good, I have met new people. For me it is a great experience. I still have four years of contract, I hope to be in good shape. “



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