James Rodriguez vs. Levante

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The balance of The classic it is most positive for the Real Madrid. He beat the eternal rival in front of his audience and with that triumph, leaving also the Barcelona to 0, regained the lead in the classification of The league. That victory was celebrated in the locker room, but not all white players were happy after that March 1.

Bale Y James they have reasons, according to their own position, to be upset after the latest events. While the ’11’ ended without playing a single minute in El Clasico, after having played only a quarter of an hour against him Manchester City in the Champions League; The Colombian midfielder has not played since last February 6, in the elimination copera against the Real society.

Both are upset about their situation. With less prominence than expected and with the poster they have about them of great players, it is difficult to understand why they stay out of the most important events. The performance is not as expected and that has led them to fall into the background.

James Rodriguez vs. Levante


Players like Vinicius, Isco or Fede Valverde they have taken full advantage of their opportunities and that has rewarded it Zidane in the form of minutes. However, Gareth Bale seems determined to continue in the merengue set, while James Rodriguez points hopelessly to the exit door.

Bale’s wish

The reasons for Bale’s discomfort in recent days comes because between those two games against Manchester City in the eighths of the Champions League and in El Clasico, he only played a total of 15 minutes. In fact, these arrived in full before those of Guardiola. To this is added the little fluid relationship that he maintains with Zidane.

Last summer, the French coach not only opened the exit door to ‘The Cardiff Express’, but directly taught him the way. He did not have him for this season, but once he closed the transfer market for the summer period he had to make a dent in his plans. Bale stayed.

Gareth Bale, during the pre-Osasuna warm-up - Real Madrid

Gareth Bale, during the pre-Osasuna warm-up – Real Madrid


The Welsh international did not even appear in the photo of Real Madrid’s victory after winning El Clasico. But despite this, as well as its highly commented departures from Santiago Bernabeu before finishing the games when he is not called or is on leave – something that is allowed in the internal rules of the club when there are ten minutes left – he wants to continue in the white club.

James’s departure

On the opposite pole, at least as for his desire to continue at Real Madrid, is James Rodriguez. The Colombian has only played 650 minutes so far this season. In regards to the Champions League he has played two games, while in La Liga he does not play a single minute since the loss to the Majorca in Are moix on October 19.

The coffee international was signaled after that game and also for the defeat in Copa del Rey. But in his case, the player does want to leave Real Madrid, but he doesn’t want to go very far, since although Italian or English football, in addition to PSG, have shown on occasion the interest in getting their services, James prefers to stay in Spain.

James Rodriguez laments a failed action

James Rodriguez laments a failed action


More specifically in the Atlético de Madrid. The rojiblanco team was already on its track last summer. But the signing of Marcos Llorente and the defeat in the derby played in U.S they eventually made the option unfeasible. Now the scenario changes. James can leave and its price would be even lower than just a few months ago, since his current contract expires in 2021.

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