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The news jumped in Serbia after knowing that Luka Jovic was in the country. The striking thing comes because the forward of the Real Madrid is in quarantine, like the rest of the players and workers of the white club after the positive for coronavirus of Trey Thompkins.

After the commotion that has been mounted, Jovic himself has spread messages on his personal account of Instagram to explain: “Considering that the situation in the world and in our country is very difficult, as it has not been remembered for a long time, I have to express myself and encourage everyone.”

“First of all, I am very sorry that I am the main topic these days, and I am sorry that it is constantly written about me and not about the main protagonists in the fight against this crisis, which are the doctors and all those who work in healing, “continues the message.

“In Madrid, my Covid-19 test was negative. That is why I decided to travel to Serbia, help and support our people, in addition to being close to my family, with the permission of my club,” adds the forward, and later showed himself to be very Critical: “When I arrived in Serbia, they gave me the test and it came out negative. I am very sorry that some people have not done their job professionally and have not given me specific instructions on how I should behave during my isolation.”

Luka’s apologies

To finish, Jovic did want to apologize to those who have felt in danger for his decision: “In Spain it is allowed to go to make purchases or purchase products in pharmacies, which does not happen here. I apologize to everyone if somehow I have harmed or put someone in danger. I hope that together we can overcome all this. All my support, Serbia, we will all go out together. “

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