Luis Enrique surrenders to Sergio Ramos:

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The Real spanish soccer federation has published the second part of the press conference that soccer fans have been able to do to the national coach Luis Enrique Sending you videos with questions for you to answer publicly. The Asturian has already left a series of headlines in the responses that were made public this Friday and has not disappointed in this second batch.

Luis Enrique has surprised with his statements about Sergio Ramos. The captain of the national team is one of the players who surprised him most since training the national team. “My relationship with Ramos it is very good, as with 99.9% of the players. Sergio is the captain. I only knew him from references and from having confronted him. When I met him, I was pleasantly surprised. He has a record for internationalities for a reason. I was surprised by his leadership ability and his personal qualities, “explained the coach.

He also specified that that position he occupies, that of central, is the most important within a team. “To the centrals, as the ball is usually in the opponent’s field, I ask them to be very attentive to the surveillance, to the cons, to the coverage, to press, to advance the lines. To the centrals I ask a lot because I He likes to go out with the ball played and that is a risk, “argued Luis Enrique.

Luis Enrique surrenders to Sergio Ramos: “I was surprised by his leadership capacity”

Of course, he did not want to reveal who his favorite player was. “If you look at the lists that I made, you already see a little the ideas that I have. The more options you have, the better. I can’t tell a single player because the others might be upset. It wouldn’t look good, “said the coach.

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What he did not avoid was what are his favorite games. “With the Spain – Malta, that I lived it in the living room at home in Gijón, I jumped like crazy and recently the end of the South Africa World Cup for how it was and for what it meant. Also the final of the Eurocup before Italy, which curiously caught me on vacation there and they took it with great sportsmanship, “said Luis Enrique.

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