Jovic and Casemiro, in a training session of Real Madrid

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The Real Madrid is quarantined after the basketball section player Trey Thomkins I have tested positive for coronavirus. This has been communicated to the players of the white squad on the morning of this Thursday. When they have come to Valdebebas In order to carry out the training session, the club has informed all the players that training was suspended without an official return date.

This has been confirmed by the striker of the white team in a statement to B92 stating that they went “to training this morning, but they came from the club and said that we had no training or anything for the next two weeks. We should all be home and not leave Madrid

In addition, he has confessed that he has been using the same training material as Trey Thomkins: “Since I was injured and did not train for the last two or three days, I have used the same recovery groups as a player with coronavirus.” Although he says that, at the moment, he feels “really good, I have no symptoms.” “We are waiting for the club’s decision,” he concluded.

Jovic and Casemiro, in a training session of Real Madrid

Real Madrid statement

Shortly after the news of the positive of Trey Thomkins was known, Real Madrid issued a statement explaining the situation the club is going through:

“Real Madrid CF reports that a player from our first basketball team has tested positive after testing for the COVID-19 coronavirus. Since then, the recommendation has been made to quarantine both the basketball first team and the first basketball team. football, since the two squads share facilities in Ciudad Real Madrid.

Likewise, it has been decided to close the facilities of our sports city and it is also recommended that all Real Madrid personnel who provide their services in Real Madrid City remain in quarantine. The matches that were scheduled for today and tomorrow, corresponding to the Euroleague basketball and LaLiga soccer, will not be played. “

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