Luka Jovic confesses how he found out about Real Madrid

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Since Serbia report that footballers Luka Jovic, of the Real Madrid, Y Nikola Ninkovic, of the Ascoli, allegedly violated their isolation by coronavirus and returned to their country. Both were in forced quarantine and have been sued by Serbian police for failing to comply with the rules imposed to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Jovic was quarantined in Madrid after Trey Thompkins, basketball player, tested positive for coronavirus. The white club activated the protocol and sent all the players to their homes for two weeks, before the State of Alarm was decreed. Jovic allegedly traveled to Serbia to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday Sofija Milosevic.

Ana BrnabiSerbian Prime Minister spoke on Wednesday asking all Serb citizens throughout the world to remain in their countries: “Our prayer is that you remain in the countries where you reside, since in Serbia it is necessary to remain isolated for 14 or 28 days. and it is difficult to control movements. And in any case, our health system is already under strong pressure. “

Luka Jovic confesses how he found out about Real Madrid’s interest: “Do they love me? Don’t tease me”

The Minister of the Interior, Nebojsa Stefanovic, confirmed the criminal complaint to some athletes, without giving details about their identity. “We have also denounced some well-known exponents of the sport. They will answer to the judges.”

Partying in Belgrade

The Serbian newspaper Blic He says that Jovic “had fun all over Belgrade” to celebrate his partner’s birthday. The Serbian police, who have already reported the footballer, are investigating the footballer’s last hours in the country: “Luka did something very stupid. He left the Madrid and club quarantine and, despite all the warnings, returned to Serbia”, they say from their country.

Jovic spoke to the Serbian press shortly after Madrid sent him home: “Since I was injured and did not train for the past two or three days, I have used the same recovery groups as a player with a coronavirus,” he said.

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