Marcos Llorente celebrates one of his goals against Liverpool

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The history of the lineage of frames would give for a good volume of Spanish sport. On the part of both mother and father, the list of relatives who are athletes or have been athletes is innumerable. For ours, the story began Paco Gento, and this humble writer opened the way for basketball. We have a constant and remarkable drive for sport, to which we dedicate an important part of our existence.

And the results do not always correspond to the effort, because in sport, as in life and perhaps even more, the tombola of opportunities also plays. It sounds a bit pedantic what I’m going to say, but in the family we are used to it.

Of course we are very happy and we are very happy for Marcos, but we also know the fragility of the covers. Between the heroic and the dark the distance is minimal, so we take the matter with the relative calm that implies that today you have to train again tomorrow and afternoon. There is no time for too many celebrations, although perhaps one day we will remember the day he doubled in Anfield.

Marcos Llorente celebrates one of his goals against Liverpool


I would say that joy goes inside. The enormous satisfaction for the reward of constant work and for the return of confidence that the Atlético de Madrid had in Marcos. Now everything works out and the equation is correct, because like his father and grandfather –Ramon Grosso– He has written a beautiful page in the history of the club, the face of a coin that too often showed the cross. So much so that the game could be said to summarize the perpetual suffering of the athletes, with the final explosion of joy of those who know that glory is capricious.

Marcos is finding his new place and gradually settles. It is not easy, and sometimes the reward fades away. But the Llorente Gento we never lose face to the miura and we insist on the fight. For this reason, Marcos was able to jump onto the lawn of one of the cathedrals of soccer to fulfill his mission.

Like his grandfather, his great-uncles, his father and mother, his uncles and his cousins ​​- an army of race athletes – he gave himself up for the cause of his team with intense hours of preparation in the muscles, the energy of his spirit and the indomitable will of a cause: trying to fulfill every day what your team demands.

Marcos is the result of a family tradition, of learning the profession, of an unquestionable sacrifice. A caste player, honest and respectful of football and his status as a footballer. He never had it easy, but he never falters. This is the nature of the essentials. Of those who always have to be, because they are always prepared. Although some do not understand it.

He learned it and he doesn’t forget it. A matter of faith and a matter of intelligence, of believing in the traditions and virtues of his clan, and of believing in himself. Congratulations, Marcos Llorente.



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