Real Madrid celebrates the Spanish Super Cup 2020

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There will be a ‘worthy’ ending for The league and the Champions League. This Tuesday important news of both championships has been known. The UEFA was the first to announce that, first, the Eurocup It happened to be held in the summer of 2021 -from June 11 to July 11- instead of 2020. Thus, the highest level of European football gave time for domestic competitions to finish the 2019/2020 season.

And not only to The league, A series, Bundeliga or Premier League, also to the Champions and Europa League. In these two competitions the dates set for the finals are delayed, being the final of Istanbul now June 27. The format of the remainder of the tournament is still unknown, as well as when the fight for ‘La Orejona’.

Regarding La Liga, Luis Rubiales he has made it very clear that in all possible scenarios, his only idea is to finish the championship: “Our proposal is to extend the calendar as much as possible, in coexistence with LaLiga. We are to add all. Not finishing the season, giving it up for null or counting only the first round is an injustice, any of the three scenarios. “

A new beginning

This puts a golden opportunity on the platter Real Madrid to do things right after a season with many ups and downs. The start of the course was very complicated with defeats as painful as the Princes Park against him PSG wave of They are Moix in front of Majorca.

Afterwards, the whites went up the flight to the highest point reached in the beginning of the year. With 2020 came the first title of the year. A Spain Supercup with which Real Madrid took a weight off itself after the doubts created in the first leg of the campaign.

Real Madrid celebrates the Spanish Super Cup 2020


And from there to the comings and goings in the League, the elimination of the Copa del Rey and defeat in front of Manchester City. But with the break comes a second chance. Thus Zidane He has told them to stay focused and motivated for the rest of the competition. A message that the French coach has transferred to his footballers so that they work hard during the break and thus return in a remarkable state to face the challenges that still lie ahead.

Turn the tie around against Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola and regain the lead, is second to two points behind Barcelona, are the two great objectives of Real Madrid. For them the footballers crush themselves training at their respective homes and for that final stretch, the team will have some high reinforcements, since it is expected that Hazard Y Asensio are present in that last sprint.

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