James Rodriguez laments a failed action

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The Real Madrid continues in expectation of when they may resume The league and the Champions League. The footballers of the merengue team continue to exercise in their respective homes under the guidelines of Dupont, while the future of some of them continues in the air.

There are several Real Madrid players who have secured their place in the 2020/2021 squad, but others seem to have a foot and a half outside the club. That is the case, for example, of James Rodriguez. The Colombian playmaker, as EL BERNABÉU published, welcomes the option of leaving.

Clubs of all Europe have tracked the coffee international since landing at Santiago Bernabeu back in the summer of 2014, after dazzling with his football and his goals in the Brazil World Cup. Italy, England or even the PSG They would be happy to open the doors for you, but the player’s desire goes elsewhere.

James Rodríguez laments a failed action


James Rodríguez wants to continue in Madrid. If it cannot be in Concha Espina, the Athletic it is your alternative. A firm alternative that is within reach, since during the last transfer window of the summer period, from the Atletico team they were already interested in taking over their services.

Own Enrique Cerezo He confirmed not only the interest, but they were very close to getting his signing: “We tried to hire him in the summer, at the beginning of the season, but then at the end the negotiation went awry and he ended up staying in Madrid.”

“The players play where they want to play, and James at that time wanted to play for Madrid and that is why he stayed at Madrid. Now, contracts are made when they have to be done and if they are not done it is because they do not agree,” he said. in statements to The Country of Cali. The tables have now turned and Atleti may be James’ destiny for 2020/2021.

Mariano and his frustrated desire

In the case of Mariano, the striker has always shown his predisposition to continue, but Zidane does not count on him as a theoretical ‘9’ substitute for Benzema, despite the fact that in the last matches before the break forced by the coronavirus enjoy a few minutes again.

Mariano Díaz, in a Real Madrid training

Mariano Díaz, in a Real Madrid training


Mariano Díaz has always had Real Madrid as his first option. Even when he signed for him Olympique de Lyon, where a sensational season came together, he kept dreaming of a future triumphing in white. In fact, this was the reason why he decided on the meringue team instead of the Seville on his return to Spain.

However, in the white team he is not enjoying the prominence that he would have liked to have in any of the last two seasons. This is why the exit door is opened to him and although his desire is to continue, he cannot continue to watch the years go by without playing regularly.

The Spanish-Dominican forward has suitors in both The league as outside our borders. Italy has closely followed the track, but it is in Spanish football that he has been tempted since last year. This summer, Mariano could definitely end his time in the team of his life.

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