Haaland, on the bench of Borussia Dortmund

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Everyone wants to Erling Haaland. The striker of Borussia Dortmund, which until two months ago was Red Bull Sazlburg, has become the great revelation of the season. It is to the point that he is already placed in the fight for the throne of world football against Kylian Mbappé over the next decade. A handful (or several) of goals and prodigious qualities endorse him.

To talk about Haaland is to do it about his future and the dozens of clubs with which he has been associated with only 19 years. It is true that his recent signing for Dortmund complicates a change of air in the short term, since it is not customary to see a player spend only a few months on a team. But nothing is ruled out and the greats of Europe are positioned to take over it in the future.

The Real Madrid He’s in the fight A talent like Haaland’s does not usually arise and in the offices of the Santiago Bernabeu its evolution and the movements of other teams by the Norwegian are closely followed. He is undeniably a candidate to fill that gap he left Cristiano Ronaldo With their goals.

Haaland, on the bench of Borussia Dortmund


Cristiano’s steps

Precisely, Cristiano Ronaldo It is the mirror in which Haaland has been looking at for several years. Portuguese’s methods of caring for his body are being imitated by the Norwegian, who sees it essential to stay fit to end up extending his career as the Portuguese does. Five times Golden Ball He remains one of the best in the world at 35 years old.

A hole to cover the goal

Madrid has been having a hard time facing the door for two seasons. It lacks a lethal player, specialist in marking. He signed Jovic, but for now the Serbian is far from showing what he expected of him. Haaland, who has a whopping 40 goals this season, would play Cristiano, a player who averaged these figures season after season. That is, Haaland would be indisputable in the white club.

Wink at La Liga

Haaland and its surroundings know that it will have offers of all kinds and the big ones will knock at your door. Therefore, it is important to succeed with your next step in your career and the ideal time to take it. While still growing in Dortmund, his father has already winked saying that LaLiga would be a perfect destination for his son. Words that surely will have received gladly in Madrid and the Barcelona.

Relationship with Odegaard and Achraf

One of the strengths that Madrid can have against the rest of the suitors is the link factor. The white team builds its future team and there are two players that Haaland knows well: Achraf Hakimi, with whom he shares costumes in Dortmund, and, above all, Martin Odegaard, forward teammate. Seeing the Norwegian couple lead Madrid would be a pride for their country and the chemistry between them would be more than assured.

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