Toni Kroos tries to steal the ball from Leo Messi

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“Me and my family are fine, without symptoms. We are fit.” Toni Kroos has spoken on German television, on the show Late Night Berlin from ProSieben, about forty. The footballer of Real Madrid he has been isolated with his family for five days since he tested positive last Thursday Trey Thomkins and the entire club was confined to their homes by protocol in the face of illness.

Kroos tells a little about how he is living this process with his wife and three children: “I don’t have time to get bored. Besides, with three children you can imagine … No time of day is boring,” says the German. In addition, all Real Madrid players have a specific training plan for these days.

The important thing for Kroos is that everyone is fine: “I look left and right and the good thing is knowing that we are all fine. Many would like that.” In addition, Toni also joked that he eats a lot of noodles and has “a lot of toilet paper at home.”

Toni Kroos tries to steal the ball from Leo Messi


Kroos takes it with humor to try to pass the days faster and has in his family the best accomplices: “Here at home I also do my hair but I only do it for my wife anyway,” he said.

Postpone the European Championship

When asked about a possible postponement of the Eurocup This summer, the 30-year-old soccer player said: “When it will be played again it is the least of it. The main thing is when to remove this invisible enemy. Let everything return to normal,” he said in a more serious tone.

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