UEFA postpones Juventus - Real Madrid Youth League for coronavirus

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UEFA has announced the postponement of the UEFA Youth League round of 16 match that was to be held this Wednesday in Turin between Juventus and Real Madrid. The party was conditioned with the closure of the area after the Italian Government made the decision to restrict travel due to the situation that the country presented with the coronavirus crisis.

Although Juventus said on Tuesday that his intention was to play the game against a Real Madrid youth who was not willing to travel to Italy, UEFA finally postponed the game that was scheduled for 16.00 local time (15.00 GMT) in the capital of the Piedmont

It is a controversial decision after Inter announced that he would not play in his stadium the game he had planned for this same competition against Rennes. UEFA announced that it would give the game a 0-3 loss due to its lack of appearance. Atalanta, meanwhile, did play the game on Tuesday against Olympique Lyon in which the French spent the tie in the penalty shootout.

Real Madrid statement

UEFA has announced that the match corresponding to the round of 16 will not be played today in Turin. The match that Real Madrid Youth A was to play against Juventus in Turin today has been postponed. UEFA has announced that the match, corresponding to the knockout stages of the Youth League, will not be played due to the health situation due to coronavirus disease. In the next few days we will try to set the new date of the match.

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