Fede Valverde, at the Santiago Bernabéu

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Fede Valverde The season began with doubts about whether his level was enough to be the fourth theoretical midfielder of the Real Madrid. I had counted for Zidane in the final stretch of the previous campaign, but still had not left such good feelings as to have a place in the team for the fans. It is not easy to start with this load of stones in the backpack, but this player has a special character.

The team started with a deficit of players in that position and the Uruguayan would have to have stripes during the campaign out of necessity. From that lack of pieces a new world pearl has been born that has thrown the door of stardom without even having finished the year yet.

The midfielder turned Zidane’s confidence into good games to the point of earning the spot in the starting eleven. Valverde is now one of the best midfielders in the world when nadie gave a hard for it at the beginning of the year. The Uruguayan has exceeded any expectations and has become indispensable for the French coach.

Fede Valverde, at the Santiago Bernabéu

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Defensive deployment

The injury of Modric after a break in the selections, he was decisive in taking a level jump. There was a before and after in Valverde after those meetings in which he began to show his potential. Replace a whole Golden Ball Y The Best It is not a simple task. But Valverde, in the face of great challenges, has shown that he always grows.

Power, speed, ball driving and arrival in the area. Those were the characteristics with which he began to breathe new life into Zidane’s attacks. The Uruguayan debuted as a scorer this season proving that his nose in the front of the area can be an offensive argument more than interesting for the team.

But what made the difference was the defensive work that freed Toni Kroos and who forged alongside Casemiro one of the most difficult centers of the field to overcome. It continues to amaze to see him run both forward, to push, and backward, to recover and cover. Valverde is a physical wonder of astronomical dimensions.

Fede Valverde and Zinedine Zidane, at Real Madrid - Atlético in the final of the Spanish Super Cup

Fede Valverde and Zinedine Zidane, at Real Madrid – Atlético in the final of the Spanish Super Cup


The Super Cup changed everything

The Spain Supercup It was the specific moment in which its quality was confirmed. Zidane, facing the casualties in attack, chose to give the team keys to the midfield where Valverde, lying on the right wing, went out. The team arrived at this time of the season with some doubts after the draws against Barca Y Athletic. But this would mark an impeccable month of January for the squad in which the midfielder had a lot to say.

The moment to be remembered is the entrance to Álvaro Morata with which he saw the red card in the final, but that moment should not overshadow the work he did in the semifinal against Valencia and throughout the match against the Atlético de Madrid. The way it unfolded through the stadium Jeddah It impacted the mattresses, led them to extra time and became small despite bringing morale through the roof after eliminating Barça.

Since then he is one of the most important players in the squad. When he has not been, the team has suffered more than expected. The stoppage due to the coronavirus will not serve to make us forget the season of the most differential player in the team in this 2019/2020. Valverde calmly awaits the return of the competition to put the icing on a season that he will hardly forget.

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