Vinicius Jr celebrating his goal against FC Barcelona

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This Thursday marks a year since the team Santiago Solari fell eliminated in the round of 16 before the Ajax. That 1-4 that fit the Real Madrid after winning at Amsterdam 2-1 was a hard blow after three years in a row winning the Champions League.

That hard defeat of the white team in the Santiago Bernabeu It marked the end point of the transition year that the team proposed after the two losses it had before starting that campaign. With Cristiano Ronaldo outside and with the goodbye of Zinedine Zidane A new stage was opening. A new benchmark was sought on the bench and new heroes on the field. But it wouldn’t end in a good port.

But those of Conch Thorn They returned to the exit box. With Zidane back, the team has regained the desire and ambition to return to Real Madrid in the first world soccer step fighting for all the titles. The return of the French coach, recovering the link that the Frenchman has with that bench, has meant the recovery of a template that is hungry for success.

Vinicius Jr celebrating his goal against FC Barcelona


Recover the throne

At this point Real Madrid is the best placed team to win La Liga. While last year they reached that match against Ajax with the national championship already lost, the whites beat this past weekend at Barça in the Santiago Bernabéu taking an advantage that can be definitive. Meringues will fight for the national title until the end.

However, this anniversary has coincided with another disappointment in the Copa del Rey. The KO tournament is still resisting the entity of Chamartin and Zidane, who has not yet managed as a coach. The elimination before the Real society and before the white public it meant, in addition to a hit, to end a streak of 21 games without losing.

Even so, the great change that the team has experienced is the return of colorful and quality football. Fans go to Santiago Bernabéu to watch good football again. So much so that the team still does not know what it is to lose in the League there. Zidane has managed to re-create a very strong structure in defense, with a Thibaut Courtois immeasurable, and with a center of the field that was key in achieving the Spain Supercup.

Thibaut Courtois fits the fourth goal against Amsterdam Ajax in the 2018/2019 Champions League

Thibaut Courtois fits the fourth goal against Amsterdam Ajax in the 2018/2019 Champions League


A stumble that cannot be repeated

But the team also knows that this debacle a year ago could be repeated with a two-week elimination in Manchester. The team, although it follows the same line that the next game is the most important, continues to conjure up for the comeback and give the tip to a Pep Guardiola which the team still wants.

The 2-1 that fit the team in Madrid has greatly complicated their classification for the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Despite advancing on the scoreboard, eight fateful minutes cost two goals and put the tie uphill. Those eight minutes are set in the head of all the players to motivate and arrive at the appointment to fight for the comeback from minute one.

Those of Zidane want to avoid the ghosts that existed before the arrival of José Mourinho in the maximum continental competition when Real Madrid spent seven seasons without passing the round of 16 of the Champions League. This team has shown this season that it does not look anything like that negative time. With the comeback between eyebrow and eyebrow, the template wants to return to the French technician what he has given them.

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