Mohammed Bin Salman, prince of Saudi Arabia

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Soccer will return, but not as it was known. And you can come back with a big change when it comes to Premier League. The Newcastle It will change ownership in the coming weeks, as announced in previous weeks. A club that represents part of the great values ​​of this sport and, precisely, in the country in which it was born, will pass into the hands of one of the greatest powers on the planet.

The Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, personified in the figure of the prince Mohammed Bin Salman, intends to take 80 percent of the shares of the British club and for this will pay an amount of around 444 million euros. Newcastle will thus become the richest football institution in all of England, far ahead of Manchester City or Chelsea.

A pharaonic project after with Mike Ashley objectives have not been achieved. The British magnate was soon disillusioned by the acquisition of Newcastle and with his disappointment also came that of the fans. Now the magpies see that they may be among the greats of the Premier, and of all Europe, as long as Bin Salman meets expectations.

Mohammed Bin Salman, prince of Saudi Arabia


The agreement for the transfer of the shareholding has not been initialed, but it is already beginning to speak of the star signings that the future owners of Newcastle are studying to make the club a power in European football. Among the names that begin to sound, one stands out above the rest, that of Gareth Bale.

The Welsh footballer has a contract with Real Madrid until June 2022. Despite the many rumors that have placed him away from the white club, also so far this season, the intention of the ‘Cardiff Express’ It has been to continue in the ranks of the merengue group.

Target difficulties

Bale arrived at Real Madrid on the horn of the transfer market in 2013. Seven seasons later, the Welsh international has not yet finished with a star role, despite having everything to become the club’s flagship. In his day he was in the shadow of a whole Cristiano Ronaldo, but after the departure of the Portuguese he did not become the galactic number one of the team.

Nor does he forget that he has been a true ‘finals player’. With his remembered goal in the final of the Copa del Rey of 2014 before the Barcelona, the one at the end of the Champions League against him Atlético de Madrid in Lisbon or his double, spectacular Chilean included, before the Liverpool in 2018.

Chilena de Bale in the final of Kiev

Chilena de Bale in the final of Kiev

The player asked after that final against those of Jürgen Klopp more minutes and prominence, but he has not finished breaking up and being that decisive regular footballer that Real Madrid required after Cristiano’s goodbye. This situation placed him on the exit ramp.

Last summer his future was linked with different Premier clubs or even in Chinese soccer. Zidane opened the exit door for him, coming to publicly affirm that the sooner Bale left Real Madrid, the better for everyone. But the market closed and the ’11’ continued in the white team.

A project around Bale

Manchester United or Tottenham They have only been some of the clubs with which Bale’s future has been linked. But another name that comes from the Premier has burst with force. Newcastle have set their sights on Cardiff to begin his ascension to the throne of English football.

Golf, soccer and many challenges: this is how the Gareth Bale coronavirus quarantine passes

The new project of the magpies would begin around his figure. Gareth Bale would be the pillar and so they will try to seduce him to say ‘yes, I want’. Other footballers who could come to target the new Newcastle would be Arturo vidal, now in the ranks of Barça, or a Edinson Cavani that ends contract with the PSG at the end of this course.

One more claim to attract Bale would be the coach chosen to lead the project. Sounds like possible signing for the bench Pochettino. The Argentine continues without a team since his dismissal from Tottenham and has always had good words for Gareth, in fact, on several occasions he has been associated with Real Madrid. Will they meet in a few months at Newcastle?

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