Marcelo and Casillas, at Real Madrid

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Meeting between Casillas and Bartra who has given a lot of himself. This April 16 is the sixth anniversary of that final of the Copa del Rey that he Real Madrid was brought before the Barcelona with Bale as a great protagonist. The Welshman starred in a historic cavalcade to give the title to the whites.

The other actor in the play was a Marc Bartra who could not follow the career of the Welsh winger and was then, and still is, a victim of memes and jokes by the fans. On this action they have spoken on this particular anniversary, that the now footballer of the Betis He pointed out that “it was hard as hell.”

“I have seen the reminders but I am not going to raise any issue because it is not very pleasant and very tiring. The joke is already good and it went around many times. You have some characteristics and Gareth others, it is a final and a play in the final minutes “started Iker Casillas.

Marcelo and Casillas, at Real Madrid


Bartra replied to the goalkeeper’s statement: “For me it was hard as hell, I was a child who rose from the bottom and played for the first time against Real Madrid. On top of that I scored a goal for Iker Casillas and went from glory to shit in minutes. It was really hard. “

“I like to talk about it because since then I have not done it and I remember that after the game you came and gave me encouragement. I realized that Casillas were good people. With everything he had won, he came to hug a pipiolo and gave me strength” , the canterano of the Barcelona.

Bale Merit

Marc Bartra has seen the play many times and has now recognized that it was not his mistake, but that the Real Madrid player should be applauded: “You learn from mistakes but you don’t see that play as a mistake, it is more to Gareth’s merit. Any other player he would have given up that ball or he would have thrown himself to the ground and asked for a foul because you would not let him run. He decided to continue. It is a merit of his ability. “

Bartra’s anecdotes

The now Betis footballer has revealed a very striking action: “I had just got the goal, I was on the smashed grass and I heard ‘come on Bartra get up you’re a machine, get up’ and when I turned around I saw that Mateu was the one who gave it to me He would later comment that after that he thought he would no longer go with the Selection.

“They had told me that Del Bosque was watching the game in the stands and I had set myself the goal of going to the National Team. I ended up thinking that everything was going to shit but the hard thing then in the end has a prize. A few months later I went to the Selection “, the defender has finished.

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