Sergio Ramos asks the Santiago Bernabéu fans to cheer more after Vinicius

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Sergio Ramos has returned to the fore this Tuesday through a direct from Instagram with Fabio Cannavaro and Luka modric and sharing their confinement in Realmadrid Tv. In addition to joking with the Croatian, the Andalusian has made clear the feelings of the dressing room: “I can’t wait to play again in the Santiago Bernabeu. I’m looking forward to playing again, competing again, playing The league and the Champions. I’m hungry to end the season with a title. “

The captain, active in the nets during confinement, has set an example throughout the period of confinement, demonstrating that he continues to physically work to be at the top when the competition resumes. Ramos is aware that the return will be “as long as there is security regarding our health”, but his reflection on this period is that “it has served to bring out the best version of all of us.”

His figure is used to having to attend to the obligations of the captain not only on the field, but also outside. But, in this exceptional situation, Ramos has shown himself as a leader with his teammates in the distance. Yesterday he was pleased to be able to have this role and explained that “every day I spend in Madrid is a gift, it is a pride to lead the best team in the world.”

This is how Sergio Ramos ‘telework’: the Real Madrid captain continues training at home

This work has been very important to maintain the morale of the group. These days have been very difficult. It was difficult not knowing anyone who was not suffering on their skin the Covid-19 because a family member or friend was infected. In the calls that you have shared as a group, I already promoted them Zidane or some member of the team, the one from Beds it came out as the clearest voice so as not to lower its head no matter how hard everything was happening.

Locker room morale

Ramos has ensured that the entire squad felt the affection they normally feel in the locker room. That everyone was at home has not been an impediment to continue displaying the values ​​that hundreds and hundreds of players have maintained while they were part of Real Madrid. For the white captain, the most important thing was not to lose the north despite the exceptional situation.

In addition, the desire of all the members of the staff was to return to the competition as soon as possible and not always the messages they received were directed in that direction. Ramos has been responsible for reassuring and raising morale that had been touched after the last weeks in which they competed. The former Sevilla player has exchanged messages with all his colleagues, worrying one by one about their condition so that at no time do they feel alone, especially the younger ones.

Fundamental phase

Now the locker room sees the lap closer. The announcement of the phases of the de-escalation of the confinement have served to confirm that football will be able to return if the data continues to drop and Spain keeps the pulse on coronavirus. As the team continues to prepare for the return with group practice and individual fitness trainers, the captain is seeing to it that the locker room arrives with morale at its highest possible point.

Sergio Ramos asks the Santiago Bernabéu fans to cheer more after Vinicius’ goal


Ramos has conveyed the message that a very important period is approaching, that it will not be easy to return to the fields, that many games will have to be played in a row and will involve a significant effort. The weight of the shield requires that this return be more demanding if possible. The squad has to demonstrate that Real Madrid is capable of turning a situation that was touched before the break.

But, above all, it has transmitted to them the responsibility they will have in their hands to raise the morale of the Madrid fans the moment they return to the field to achieve titles and restore joy to fans who are suffering greatly from the pandemic.

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