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Mino Raiola dropped the bomb a few weeks ago: he wanted to place one of his footballers in the Real Madrid this summer: “I have great hope that one day I can take Real Madrid to a great footballer. Now I have Areola, but it is a half operation because it is a loan.”

The controversial Italian agent has had his comings and goings with the white entity, but lately it seems that the turn is for the better and he has admitted that he usually maintains contact with José Ángel Sánchezright hand of Florentino Pérez and authorized voice within the Concha Espina club in the matter of transfers.

However, Raiola will have nothing easy to achieve this goal. The economic situation does not invite optimism. Those signings that exceeded 100, and even 200, million euros seem to be a thing of the past, at least for the moment. In times of coronavirus it’s time to tighten your belt.

It was these words of Mino Raiola that put into orbit De Ligt. The plant was already the protagonist of the market a few months ago due to the interest of several of the greats of Europe, among them the Barcelona, and ended up signing for the Juventus Turin.

The truth is that for a long time De Ligt was seen wearing the Blaugrana elastic and sharing the wardrobe with De jongwho did change the Amsterdam Ajax for Barça. But he ended up heading to Turin to play next to, precisely, an illustrious in the history of Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo and De Ligt

Cristiano Ronaldo and De Ligt


De Ligt aims to stay in the Vecchia Signora beyond the end of next season, whenever this is. In fact, from Italy various information points to the fact that its transfer in the window of transfers that is coming is not feasible because from Juventus they are going to refer to their termination clause, which is around 150 million euros.

The power station of the future

What is incontestable at the moment is that De Ligt is the center of the future and that is why he is placed in the orbit of Real Madrid. For youth and projection it fits into the white plans, but now it is impossible for money (Juve refers to its clause) and because Varane Y Sergio Ramos they are indisputable right now in the white house.

Another thing will be in two years when the captain approaches 35 and his career begins its decline. So De Ligt could end up wearing the elastic meringue on the Santiago Bernabeu to catch the witness of one of the greatest power stations in the history of Spanish football and of all time in general.

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