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Never a letter made so much difference. It is the last of the alphabet and culminates the abyss between the Real Madrid and the Real Madriz. Yes, there is no typing error. It has not been typed wrong, the Real Madriz exists. It is a club of Nicaragua that in these times he has become a bit of a protagonist due to the similarity in his name with the king of kings in Europe and because it is one of the soccer clubs that continues to challenge the coronavirus.

8,000 kilometers separate Madrid, capital of Spain, from SomotoNicaraguan city. It might seem that they have nothing in common, but this almost same name of their respective teams, has put the name of a practically unknown Real Madriz on the map.

To locate Somoto you have to go to the map and find Nicaragua. The capital of this Central American country is Managua. Well, 216 kilometers further north is the cradle of Real Madriz. In fact, Somoto is known as’The Henequen flower ‘for being one of the most welcoming cities in the nation, although it is also called’ The Capital of Friendship ‘.

Once the small Geography class is finished, football returns. Real Madriz plays in the First league from Nicaragua. This consists of ten teams in the division and this season, Madriz occupies the eighth position in the table at the moment. The question is, does the almighty Real Madrid have anything to do with this humble Central American team?

Tribute to the king

Bordering the border of HondurasSomoto is one of the most footballing cities in the province of Madriz. Hence the club was born in 1996 under the name of Madriz CF. It wasn’t until a while later that Real was placed in front of him and why? Well, precisely, to pay tribute to the great European Real Madrid, the world soccer giant.

A starting eleven of the Nicaraguan Real Madriz

A starting eleven of the Nicaraguan Real Madriz


Another curiosity that unites the giant with the ‘fan’ is that in Nicaragua the soccer players and fans of Real Madriz, with Z of ZidaneThey are also known as meringues, although they are also recognized as the Somoteños. So far any link between these two clubs that is separated by a letter and the Atlantic Ocean away.

The humility of the Madriz

The players who are active in the ranks of the merengue team, that of Nicaragua, are not even all of them professionals. They play at the Estadio Solidaridad Augusto César Mendoza and it barely has a capacity for around 3,000 followers. Of course, all this does not prevent the team from being Somoto’s pride. Even the absence of titles does not question this.

Real Madriz has not won a title throughout its short history. He was about to ring the bell twice against Real Estelí, maximum rival, in 2006 and 2007. But the luck did not have it of face and its showcases still do not show any glass. Something very different from what you can see in the Santiago Bernabeu, where the crown jewels are housed, among many other trophies: the thirteen ‘Orejonas’.

Nicaragua does not stop

With the white kit by flag, Real Madriz, as well as the rest of the teams that play in the First League continue with the season, despite the threat of the coronavirus that has paralyzed competitions around the world. Neither soccer nor basketball, nor tennis or motor sports. Everything stopped or almost, since both in Nicaragua and in Belarus football matches continue to be held.

Match between Real Madriz and Managua of the Nicaraguan league

Match between Real Madriz and Managua of the Nicaraguan league

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The authorities of the Central American country do not consider that this global pandemic, so named by the World Health Organization (WHO) several weeks ago, suppose that Nicaragua must stop its normal life, order a quarantine by the State of Alarm or even close its borders. An atypical posture that leaves Nicaraguan football and Real Madriz as the bastion that gives free rein to football in times of coronavirus.

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