Goyo Benito, in a Real Madrid match

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He Santiago Bernabeu he has whistled high school artists and deified fat brush painters. Goyo Benito is one of the latter. He was a central defender from another era, those who did not want the ball close. A rough man on the field and with a mustache that frightened rivals.

If you were a forward and that day you had Goyo Benito in front of you, you knew that you were not going to have a good day. Or that you were going to sleep well that night. Expedited and without half measures. With him there was no thing about the ball passing or the rival, since he was between himself and saying who crossed and who hit a wall.

Goyo Benito was the traffic light of the Santiago Bernabéu, giving way to the ball and always in red for the striker. Loved by Real Madrid and hated by rivals. A defender from the 70s that you wanted in your team and that little by little became an endangered species.

Goyo Benito, in a Real Madrid match

He sweated and bled the Real Madrid 420 times to lift 6 Suspenders and 5 Cups. He also did it with the national team in 22 games to play two World (1974 and 1978) and two Eurocups (1972 and 1976). A resume full of battles for such an incomparable warrior that for more than a decade he had been fighting against a serious illness.

One of La Liga’s mustaches goes with Goyo. A guy as tough on the inside as a noble off the field. A good man who did not take prisoners once the referee whistled the start of the game. Competitiveness in its purest form and with an indelible memory.

Goyo Benito left his mark. The studs on the grass and his chivalry and humanity with everyone who was lucky enough to meet him. This was the legend that left in times of coronavirus and the great person who will stay with us forever. Goodbye to an idol of the Santiago Bernabéu who represented the values ​​of Real Madrid perfectly.



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