Aitor Karanka during a match as a coach

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Aitor Karanka is a technical observer of UEFA. Choose the best player of a match each day of Champions. Waiting for a project on the bench, he is confined at home, but with great activity. Last a coaching congress ‘on line’, donates two of his valuable jerseys to a solidarity project, and analyzes soccer, a lot of soccer.

In a wide conversation with the EFE AgencyKaranka puts the magnifying glass on Haaland, mourns the death of his friend’s father, Santi Denia and highlights his great friendship with Ernesto Valverde, whom his father trained when the former Barça coach was a kid in the San Ignacio in Vitoria. Karanka also warns that there are many soccer players who live in hibernation in flats, not in mansions.

On the Norwegian player, he notes that “he has it all” and highlights that 75 million clause that would free him. “He is no longer a player who comes from playing in the minor leagues, to say the least. What makes him even more attractive is the price he has. I think any big club is eager to bring in players who score goals and when there are a young player, with a goal and with that price, which I think is not very high either, is attractive for any club, “he explained about the rumors that put him in the Real Madrid.

Aitor Karanka during a match as a coach


The former second coach of the white team during the Jose Mourinho was in the game that Haaland played with the Borussia in Paris, where the German team fell eliminated from the Champions League. For Karanka it was “a very rare sensation” to play the game behind closed doors due to the outbreak of the crisis in the coronavirus. “We were the three people who go to UEFA, a general observer, a referee observer and myself as a technical observer, and then there were six or seven people from each board plus the players who were not called up,” he said.

Return to Spain

Karanka also spoke about her future and the possibility of returning to Spain to train. “Any opportunity, if it is Spain and something, above all, that motivates me and helps me continue to grow, delighted,” said the Basque.

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