Paul Pogba, during a match with Manchester United

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The most important clubs of Europe They assume that this summer it will be very difficult for them to capture their biggest aspirations in the transfer market. The coronavirus crisis has hit the economies of large teams squarely, and it is expected that this summer (or when the market opens) few million dollar operations will be seen.

The Manchester United He has been one of the first to assume this reality for the public. Ed Woodward, CEO and maximum president of the red devils, He referred to the situation that the club will have to face to strengthen itself.

“No one should have any illusions about the magnitude of the challenge everyone faces in football and it may not be ‘business as usual’ for any club, including ourselves, in the transfer market this summer,” Woodward said.

“As always, our priority is team success, great additions, but we need to know first what impact this crisis will have on the industry. On this basis, I can’t help but feel that speculation about individual player transfers by hundreds of millions of Pounds this summer seem to ignore the realities the sport faces …, “he later admitted.

Paul Pogba, during a match with Manchester United


Pogba to make box

And this puts, in case there was any doubt, to Paul Pogba in the market. If United really wants to dream of signing Jadon Sancho or Harry kane -two of the biggest names that have been related to red devils– You must make a box. Real Madrid is not ready to commit any madness for the French midfielder, but his signing for the Whites may be the best solution for both clubs.



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