Martin Odegaard, during a match with Real Sociedad

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Norwegian Martin Odegaard, one of the revelation players in the Spanish league, is ready to play in the Real Madrid next season according to Leonid Slutski, his former coach in the Vitesse Dutch.

“I am sure that Martin is ready to play today at Real Madrid,” he told EFE Slutski, current coach of Rubin Kazan, in a telephone conversation since his confinement in Moscow.

Slutski, who led Odegaard at Vitesse for one season (2018/2019), is convinced that the Norwegian left-hander, who is on loan at the Real society, is already a budding star of world football and will succeed in the white team.

“He will not be; he is already a soccer player of the highest level. He is capable of fighting for a position in any team in the world. If Madrid gives him the opportunity, Martin will end up playing,” he insists.

Martin Odegaard, during a match with Real Sociedad

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The Russian, who was the league champion with the CSKA Moscow and coach of your country in the Euro 2016, was definitely convinced that Odegaard has a level for Real Madrid when he saw this season the matches that faced the team of Zidane and to the Royal Society.

“When I saw how he played at the Santiago Bernabéu, I was absolutely convinced that he has the individual quality to play at Madrid,” he explained.

Vitesse, your step forward

The Russian explains that it was fortunate that both met at Vitesse, since he considers himself a “specialist” in “reviving” great talents who for some reason have failed to meet expectations.

“For me, reviving Martin’s career was a big challenge. Martin, his agent and I agreed very quickly. For him it was a small leap forward, since Vitesse was a stronger team,” he said.

He had to work psychologically with the Norwegian, since, as he now admits, “he is not the most open and sociable player in the world.”

Martin Odegaard

“Fortunately, I did it and last season was the best of his career. His performance at Vitesse was very important to him and allowed him to receive many offers, not only from Real Sociedad, but also from Liverpool and Ajax. And it is he was one of the best players in the Dutch championship, “he said.

For this reason, according to Slutski, the Norwegian is “very grateful” to them and they regularly talk about sports and everyday aspects.

Happy in the Royal Society

“It is very pleasant to participate in Odegaard’s growth as a footballer. We spoke this week and he told me that he is very happy, tremendously happy in Real Sociedad, both with the team and in the city,” he said.

On the possibility that he will continue for another year in San Sebastián and delay his jump to the Madrid team, where he arrived as a diamond in the rough in 2015, he prefers to abstain.

“It is clear that Real Madrid will decide his future with Martin at the end of the season. What if he can stay one more year at Real Sociedad? I don’t know. What I am sure of is that he is ready to play for Madrid at next season, “he said.



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