Odriozola against Bruges

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Álvaro Odriozola left the Real Madrid in January to play in the Bayern Munich until the end of the season. Precisely in Germany is experiencing the crisis of coronavirus, although in the German country the confinement is not as severe as in Spain and has even returned to training.

The Basque winger has granted an interview to #NoticiasVamos, of Movistar, and has spoken about his return to the white club: “When the season ends I will go back to Madrid and have a conversation with Zidane. I have always felt the appreciation and love you have had for me “

At Real Madrid he will have a lot of competition, but he does not care: “Yes, of course, it is Madrid. But I feel privileged to belong to Madrid and play for Bayern. There are very few people who can say that they have played in these two clubs. “

Odriozola against Bruges


Luckily, neither he nor his family have had to experience the coronavirus in the first person: “Both my family and I are healthy, luckily no one has contracted the coronavirus. To be able to say this today is a privilege and a luxury. In that I look good, but shocked by everything that is happening. It is everyone’s problem and we all have to solve it. “

Confinement and training

Odriozola has also spoken about confinement in Germany: “Confinement measures in Spain are more severe. Here they allow us to take a walk or go running if you do it with a person who lives with you. “This gave way to the return to training with the Bavarian team.

“We started last week in the sports city. Before we had done it with cyber training. From now on we are divided into groups of four or five players and we go out every 15 minutes and the training takes place between three fields. There is no contact between the players not even from the same group, “he commented.

Odriozola, together with the Bayern management

Odriozola, together with the Bayern management

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“It might seem a bit frivolous for us to start playing with so many people suffering, but also for those people who are at home, soccer can be entertainment and serve to restore the illusion of those people who have had a hard time,” he said. added on the return of the Bundesliga.

Lewandowski and the German

For Robert Lewandowski He has only had words of praise: “He is a world-class player. It is amazing to see him train, when we finish, he sticks it up to his ear.” And from his partner to learning German: “I have been teaching classes, it is a complicated language and little by little we are defending ourselves, especially in soccer matters, words that are said on the field.”

“You take advantage to do things that you didn’t have time to do before. Especially cooking. In my family there is a great tradition when it comes to cooking and I had not started strong. The other day I made a magnificent lasagna. I am also taking the opportunity to play electronic music and read “, he finished confessing about what he does in his free time.

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