Erling Haaland and Eduardo Camavinga

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The Real Madrid will start with overbooking next season. The returns of the transfers and the 25 players that are right now in the squad and the rise of Cesar Gelabert next season they add the round figure of 40 footballers in the locker room of Zinedine Zidane.

Much is being said about possible arrivals. The names of Eduardo Camavinga, Erling Haaland, Paul Pogba, Fabián Ruiz and, as always, that of Kylian Mbappé in the press, but sports management is more concerned with exits than entrances at the moment.

For this reason, at least 15 players are wanted to be released before undertaking any transfer. From the offices of the Santiago Bernabeu They find it unfeasible to launch into the names they have on the agenda without having made any sale and some assignment.

Erling Haaland and Eduardo Camavinga

This year Real Madrid assumes the difficulties that the crisis of the coronavirus when it comes to getting large amounts for these players who are going to put them on the transfer list. The white club believes that they will have to be flexible with some businesses, but they do not see it feasible to have so many names in the locker room before thinking about the transfers.

The Odegaard case

There is a great name that already belongs to Real Madrid but is not guaranteed to be on next year’s squad. Martin Odegaard left at the beginning of this season on loan to the Real society with the aim of continuing its growth. But this has been such that the white team wants him to return now.

Initially, his transfer was agreed for two seasons with the formula of one plus one. La Real will try their best to keep him one more year after becoming the star of the team. The Whites are still waiting for Odegaard to publicly admit that he wants to return to start negotiating with the San Sebastian team.

Some of the players who are destined to continue growing in First division. It could be one of the routes to the next season for Óscar Rodríguez or Takefusa Kubo. Both are going to be loaned one more year and the sports management will look for a place for them, if not in Real, in the rest of the clubs of The league.

Martin Odegaard, during a match with Real Sociedad

Martin Odegaard, during a match with Real Sociedad

Instagram (odegaard.98)

The same is true of César Gelabert. It is the great pearl of the white quarry and they would agree when it comes to yielding to the player if a club of the highest category is interested in him. If this were the case, it would extend its contract with Real Madrid to have a termination clause that drives away those interested in Europe.

The old guard

If Martin Odegaard’s return also depends on something, it is the future of Luka modric. The Croatian is debating whether to continue for another year or accept some proposals that he has abroad. The midfielder who won the Golden Ball 2018 has changed its mind once the pandemic of Covid-19 it has brought with it a new panorama in world soccer.

Modric has a tempting offer from United States. David Beckham has offered to lead his new Inter Miami, which would be a step aside to compete in a league with a lower level and a new experience in the MLS, a rising market. Real Madrid have left the final decision in their hands as they consider that they have earned that right.

Marcelo and Luka Modric, at the Santiago Bernabéu

Marcelo and Luka Modric, at the Santiago Bernabéu


Another who also has the right to decide whether to step aside or not is Marcelo. The Brazilian winger also values ​​a possible departure at the end of this season. The 31-year-old feels that he has done everything at Real Madrid and there are great clubs from Europe that they would offer him a new challenge before taking his final steps in his career. The coronavirus can also make him finally stay on the roster as the team’s second captain.

This move could postpone the return of Sergio Reguilón. The side went out of the way Sánchez Pizjuán to continue showing that the level he left last season in the first team was not a mirage. The youth squad convinced during the first part of the campaign, but then left a not so convincing feeling before the stop for the coronavirus. Today, the most popular option is a new loan, although there are teams like the PSG interested in it.

The goal plan

By the Parisian team it is on loan Alphonse Areola. Real Madrid continues to strengthen its relations with the French entity in search of maintaining the best relationship when negotiating for Kylian Mbappé. But, given the large number of players in Mino Raiola in the market and that interest the white club, like Paul Pogba and Erling Haaland, they also want to improve the relationship with the famous Italian agent.

There is a way for Areola to sign definitively for Real Madrid. The clause of 10 million euros is not an unaffordable amount for a goalkeeper who maintains the level of the white goal and is not a problem in the locker room. French is to Zidane’s taste, but he has offers in England to be the first goalkeeper. In the event that it does not continue, it would change the future of Andriy Lunin.

Lunin, during a match with Real Madrid.

Lunin, during a match with Real Madrid.

Instagram (@lunin_oficial)

The plan with the Ukrainian is to continue accumulating experience. But the fact that he has played so little in his first two transfers has cast doubt on the system that is being chosen for his growth. Now in Oviedo Yes, he was having opportunities and showing how good a goalkeeper he is. If Areola continues, he will go out again to a club that will guarantee him minutes, if he leaves, he will be the second goalkeeper of Real Madrid.

England, favorite destination

For these two men from Raiola to arrive, there must be exits in key areas. Gareth Bale He is the man who has had the door open the most since the last preseason Zidane admit that if you were leaving the next day, the better. The Welshman remains the focus of the controversy at Real Madrid and one more summer will sound for many clubs, but England will always be his fetish.

The extreme could return to the islands and a new protagonist has appeared in this story: the Newcastle. The team will change owners with the entry of Arab money and they consider it the cornerstone of their new project. The team could assume that great salary mass that accompanies him and that prevents his departure from being facilitated. There are still steps, but the English team begins to have contacts to assess their signing.

Bale and Isco celebrate against Celta

Bale and Isco celebrate against Celta


It’s been six seasons Isco Alarcón at Real Madrid, but he has never finished being a fixture for coaches. His ups and downs sometimes take its toll and create doubts about whether he should be left with the weight of the team. The only way out of the white club is to accompany Gareth on his way to England, but not to the same city. The Manchester City and Guardiola They are still pending from Malaga. If Pogba is finally bet on, the changing of the guard would be clear and it could be an invitation for Isco to change its scenery permanently.

The one with which patience is exhausted is James Rodriguez. The Colombian had the opportunity this season to impress the stands at the Santiago Bernabéu again. The time he has had has been lost between injuries, some controversies and little prominence on the field. England also appears as an escape route with the Everton of Carlo Ancelotti being the most possible option to start a new adventure.


England has also laid its eyes on Luka Jovic. The Serbian has not finished adapting to Real Madrid and the club could find him a way out in the event that Haaland ends up arriving at the Santiago Bernabéu. There is talk of an assignment to regain the nose for goals or a sale to recover the investment, but the striker could have a third way that would go through Naples being included in the operation Fabián Ruiz.

Mariano Diaz is another Gareth Bale case. Since his return, only his departure has been valued, but his determination to succeed at Real Madrid have led him to reject offers and remain at the club. After his stellar moment in the last Classic, the white youth squad seemed to redirect his situation. But in reality, nothing has changed. If a good offer arrives that allows you to release the load of your contract, the sports management will facilitate your departure.

Luka Jovic wails during a match

Luka Jovic wails during a match

The Hispanic-Dominican seemed on his way to meet with Julen Lopetegui at Seville, while another youth squad seems to settle in the I raised. Borja Mayoral it seems that he will sign at the end of the season for the granota club after finishing his loan. The striker has settled in the Valencia city and they seem willing to make a firm offer to stay permanently at the attacker.

The clan of young Spaniards

Loaned in England is Dani Ceballos. The utrerano started his first season in the Premier League in an extraordinary way. The Arsenal He was very happy with his contribution but an injury cut short his progression. The midfielder seems comfortable in London and in Madrid they still have doubts about what they can contribute in the future.

They have not completely lost hope with him, but Zidane does not seem very happy with his contribution either. He was the main supporter for him to come out despite the short list of half centers in his squad. A new loan could be the best solution to this mess either at Arsenal or at Betis, where they are very interested in recovering their youth squad and where Ceballos would be delighted to play again.

Dani Ceballos, with the Arsenal shirt

Dani Ceballos, with the Arsenal shirt

Instagram (danifuli10)

That was the path he took Jesus Vallejo. The central, without opportunities in the Wolverhampton, returned to Spain to start a new adventure in the Pomegranate. The central was picking up gallons little by little until the arrival of the coronavirus. The sports management does not want to throw in the towel with him either and that an important opportunity finally comes in another loan.

Halfway through the season Zidane also decided to give in to Álvaro Odriozola. The young winger was not curdling a great season and the club’s interest came Bayern Munich. In order to continue growing and obtain minutes, the Basque set course for Bavaria.

But he has not lived up to expectations there either and the Germans have no intention of prolonging his loan or making a firm offer. The return of Achraf Hakimi complicates things for the 24-year-old winger and the simplest route also goes through a new loan, unless an offer arrives that allows him to recover the investment that was made two seasons ago.

If before we explained that Mariano had not wanted to be transferred, Brahim Diaz He also did not want an assignment to obtain minutes and demonstrate his quality. The Malaga coup has had brilliant moments in the Copa del Rey, but still needs regularity. Zidane is in love with him, but he can not give him more time on the field and will try to convince him to leave on loan to a First Division.

Caring for the quarry

Loans will also be the preferred avenues for other youth squads at the club. Reinier Jesus this winter came to settle in Spain. The plan with the Brazilian is that next year he takes a new step in his career and leaves on loan to a top-level club so that he can gain experience against professional players. They have known little by little their first minutes with the Castile and the sports management is looking forward to seeing him regularly.

Reinier celebrates a goal with his Castilla teammates

Reinier celebrates a goal with his Castilla teammates

He who wants to take a new step in his career is Luca Zidane. The middle son of the Zidane saga has done everything possible to show off in the Racing de Santander and there are many clubs that want to have their services next season. A new assignment in a club with more responsibility will be the chosen route for him to continue his progression.

Alberto Soro signed this past summer for Real Madrid and would continue in Saragossa one more season. The white club believes that there is an important player project in it and the plan is for him to have his first experience in the First Division. If he can continue being with the club, he will still be there. If I didn’t go out to show that the Second it falls short.

Similar options are desired with Javi Sánchez and Jorge De Frutos. They are the two blackbirds of Valdebebas who have recently taken a new step in their career. The two traveled to Valladolid with little luck, since the first one was injured and the second one did not count for Sergio González. Now he enjoyed in the Vallecano Ray of a great opportunity where it was beginning to shine. The central started to get minutes, but the coronavirus stopped its progression. The option is that the two continue to form away from the club, but with time on the field.

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