Pogba with Juventus

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Paul Pogba (27 years old, France) a few years ago he became one of the usual animators of the transfer market. Since the summer of 2016 in which the Juventus Turin for him Manchester United, his name has been one of the most commented in times of typical rumors of the summer period.

It was around this time that the midfielder was linked to the Real Madrid. Pogba came from exploding at Juventus and there the doors of the white house were opened wide, but he decided to return to Old Trafford, where he already played during his first stage as a professional.

However, over the years Manchester United has lost that brilliance it had not so long ago. Outside of the fight for the big titles, Paul Pogba’s backpack was filled with criticism of his game, a drop in performance and the need to escape to feel great again.

Pogba with Juventus


It should not be forgotten that around five years ago it was he who was placed immediately behind Cristiano Ronaldo Y Leo Messi. But the ‘Pogba effect’ was diluted in a gray Manchester United, until Real Madrid returned to haunt his door.

To the third, the expired one?

The first was when he decided to head to Old Trafford to remove the ‘thorn’. The second, last summer. Then he did his part, but it was Manchester United that closed the exit door. Now you are facing the third way to reach the Santiago Bernabeu.

A route that knows well that it can be the last train to be able to wear the white t-shirt. But the French midfielder has two wildcards in his favor: the end of his contract and deflation in the transfer market as a result of the crisis of the coronavirus.

Paul Pogba, in a match of Manchester United

Paul Pogba, in a match of Manchester United


Pogba has a contract with the Red Devils until June 2021. That is, one more year. He has so far refused to renew his agreement with United and since Manchester They know they will have to sell him this summer if they don’t want to see him go free twelve months later.

The great handicap is that due to quality and age, Pogba’s price would still be around 100 million euros if this breakdown had not occurred due to the Covid-19. This has changed the entire scenario. According to a study by CIES, the transfers will lose around 28% of their value.

If just a few months ago, in the summer transfer window, the price of Pogba was over 120 ‘kilos’, in the absence of a campaign to expire his contract, his exit figure decreases in itself – CIES la it places about 65 million-, and from there to that 28% less that leaves the player in a valuation of 35 million euros.

Raiola does not hinder

An important actor in this soap opera is Mino Raiola. The controversial Italian agent has not always maintained the best of relations with Real Madrid. However, he recently claimed that he maintained contact with José Ángel Sánchez, but, more importantly, that he wanted to take one of his players to Concha Espina.

Mino Raiola. Photo: Instagram (@ mino.raiola_official)

Mino Raiola. Photo: Instagram (@ mino.raiola_official)

In a recent interview with the newspaper BRANDRaiola pointed out that she had a “great hope that one day I can take Real Madrid to a great footballer.” In fact, he spoke about this summer to reach the goal: “I am going to try. I would be a pride for myself and my footballers because Real Madrid is a great club.”

Right now he has Areola in the merengue group, but as he himself says it is a half operation, since it is only a loan. Another thing would be about Pogba or Haaland, since the signing of De Ligt for the next academic year it is ruled out, as EL BERNABÉU published.

He wants to play for Zidane

As the market approaches – although there is still no fixed date for its opening, the rumors return to haunt a Paul Pogba that many see him back in Turin. However, his preference is to sign for Real Madrid and he has a reason to decline the balance in that direction: Zinedine Zidane.

Even in England they insist that the great desire of the French midfielder is to play under the orders of his compatriot. A compelling reason that pushes Pogba towards the Santiago Bernabeú. But it is also that Zizou himself has him as number one on his agenda to strengthen the core. The soap opera writes a new page.

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