Zinedine Zidane and Casemiro

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He Real Madrid It was reunited this Friday. The staff had a telematic meeting at 5:00 p.m. after three weeks without seeing their faces together. After the positive of Trey Thompkins the staff was forced to undergo a quarantine to avoid spreading the infections. The team has successfully passed that time without any further cases and continues to respect the rules of the government with each member at home training under the supervision of the coaching staff.

Zinedine Zidane He decided this Friday to reunite all his pupils again with various objectives. The first has been to maintain the level of motivation. The Frenchman has measured the mood of each player since he wants all the members of the squad to be confident in the face of the harsh situation that we all face. He knows that it is an extraordinary moment full of doubts that is why he wanted everyone to listen to each other so that, if there was someone low in morale, they would all find a solution.

The second reason has been to know the status of all families. This virus affects everyone equally, makes no exceptions and brings with it very tough situations. That is why he wanted everyone to know the individual situations of each one so that they know that everyone has a support in each partner and that, among all, this situation can be made easier.

Zinedine Zidane and Casemiro


And the third reason to bring everyone together in this mosaic that made up every screen of the players’ devices and the coaching staff has been the human aspect of seeing everyone again. Zidane wants to normalize this crisis and there is no better way than to do it through seeing each other again, making the pranks come back and everyone seeing that nothing has changed despite the fact that they can no longer train all together in the Valdebebas Sports City.

Message of encouragement

It is 22 days since Thursday, March 12, the team went into their homes and began the quarantine so as not to put anyone else at risk after the positive by Covid-19 Thompkins. The players have shared how they are living their confinements, although, evidently, each one speaks individually with his companions.

The main thing has been the clear message of Zinedine Zidane, some words that appealed to unity in these times and to encouragement so that no one is discouraged, so that everyone lean their shoulders if something happens to a colleague and to keep everyone in high spirits so that, as soon as football can be played again, everyone is in optimal conditions to regain the place that belongs to them.

Zidane greets Eden Hazard after his substitution against Celta de Vigo

Zidane greets Eden Hazard after his substitution against Celta de Vigo


There has also been time to emphasize how important it is that you maintain your physical tone. “You have to live as if you were in Valdebebas,” said Zidane, stressing the need for everyone to follow the orders he has drawn up. Gregory Dupont, his right hand and his expert to prepare his players physically.

For the players it has been a great way to change the tone of the last few days. They have received this video call very well, they have been delighted to see their colleagues all together and there has been time for some jokes too. This closeness that Zidane shows with this gesture and the number of messages that he has sent them during this time have convinced, in case more was needed, the staff that this is the coach that Real Madrid needs.

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