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Antonio Reguero (Madrid, 1982) continues to enjoy under the sticks at 37 as if it were the first day. A globetrotter in football, the Madrid goalkeeper has been in 14 teams and in three countries.

Youth squad Real Madrid after being ten years in the white house until 2003 and who knew the locker room of ‘Los Galacticos’, getting to play a game, he shared training with Casillas, Roberto Carlos, Zidane, Figo or Ronaldo.

After also going through teams like the Villareal or experience countries like Scotland, you are now in Finland playing in the HJK Helsinki. EL ESPAÑOL has been able to talk about how the coronavirus is living and about its stage in the White House.

Antonio Reguero, in his time at Real Madrid

How are you living the coronavirus in Finland?

Wearing it the best you can. Whether you want to see the news in Spain or not, it is still sad. I am lucky that the family is fine and in Finland it is totally different. We are not confined, you can go outside, walk, but the restaurants and bars are closed and you cannot be in groups of more than five people and always keeping a safe distance. Of course, it has nothing to do with the measures of Spain or what is happening there. Not many measures have been taken, but for example Helsinki has closed it to the passage of all people since it is where there are more infected and deaths.

Knowing that there are few cases and deaths, is it a little forced to take drastic measures?

People here are very aware that you have to try to go out as little as possible and always respect all the rules and measures imposed. Things are being done well and I do not think that more restrictions should be put in place. Here, if you say to someone that he cannot leave the house, he does not come out. I do not understand that in Spain someone can go out and not respect the rules. In Finland one thing is said and respected. It is also true that in Spain at the beginning there were demonstrations, events … and that made all cases increase.

If there are more infections and deaths in Finland, do you see the country prepared?

You never know because being prepared for such a pandemic and touching yourself so fast is difficult. But I would say yes because many cases and deaths have already been seen around the world and people are aware.

Being in Finland do you have more security?

I feel more secure and have a greater sense of security. The fear that is establishing in Spain I do not have in Finland. It is also difficult to see how Spain is and not being able to help.

What about the league there?

They gave us three weeks of vacation, the league was postponed to June – it started in April – and on Monday we started training, according to rumors, in groups of five.

Do you think it will be played in June?

I’m not quite sure. I honestly doubt it a little. In early June it will not be, so I think it will be in late or July already.

Until when do you have a contract?

Until October, but if the league is extended it may renew until it is over.

Antonio Reguero

You were a youth squad for Real Madrid and you trained at the White House, what do you remember about it?

I’ve been on 14 teams. It’s been a long time, but I remember it like it was today. I still remember the first tournament I went to in Cuba when I was 11 years old. They told me to get our passport out and that we were going to Cuba. I perfectly remember that trip.

They were 10 wonderful years, with a spectacular personal education and footballer and I only have good memories. They made me train and realize what football is, since not everything is reaching the first team. Also, you realize many things. It was a very beautiful and productive stage of training.

You got to train and play with the first team, right?

Yes, both. The last two years of my time at Real Madrid I trained a lot with the first team and almost daily. There was also Vicente del Bosque who treated the youth squad very well. And the fact of being able to share costumes with ‘Los Galacticos’ such as Casillas, Roberto Carlos, Figo, Zidane, Ronaldo …, was something incredible and difficult to forget.

How did you see that of Real Madrid from ‘Los Galacticos’?

A group of players came together that was incredible. Going to see them every weekend was amazing. Raúl’s intelligence, the completion of Ronaldo, the centers of Figo, the vision of Zidane, the rise by Roberto Carlos’s gang, Makélélé’s intelligence occupying spaces. And then Guti, Morientes and Casillas. They were wizards of the ball.

Antonio Reguero, along with, among others, Casillas

Antonio Reguero, along with, among others, Casillas

Has soccer changed much?

Before it was less physical, but that group would now be the same and could play perfectly. When they wanted, they hit the gas. The footballer adapts to everything and those talents were not going to be less.

You got to train with Casillas, did you see that one day it could be becoming president of an institution?

Not then, since he was a goalkeeper piece with brutal potential. As the years have gone by, with everything that has been for Spain and Real Madrid, one gets the idea. As it was confirmed that he was going to choose to be president of the RFEF, I can perfectly see him being able to compete with Rubiales and that he be president. It is also true that there is Rubiales, who has just entered and is doing things very well, making it a tough battle. More than on the benches, I see Iker directing something.

What can ERTE or salary reduction mean for a footballer?

There are different measuring sticks. I understand that Messi or Cristiano lower their wages. It is ideal that players like them who make a lot of money do it. The problem is when playing amateur football or countries where money is not moving. If you take money away from a footballer, he ends up earning very little and I don’t share that. The image that big teams are cutting wages hurts more modest football and that should be seen by federations and countries to help them. I do not understand how the clubs say that wages are lowered. It is a true aberration for soccer players with low incomes.

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